Friday, September 19, 2008

A little lovin'

It's been so much fun to watch the little ones lately,
how they're growing..
how they interact with each other
and especially with us :)

Here's just a little glimpse :)

always thinking

always movin'

two bundles of energy entertaining a very
tired mommy after a Youth Lock-In

enjoying the 'ride'

playing 'peek-a-boo'

giving grandpa some lovin' too..
and here's a little clip
I managed to catch the other day of
two of the little sweeties learning to 'share'?
I was glad I had the camera close by ...

O Lord, please grant that we may enjoy many more
of these precious moments!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Down to the crunch...**UPDATED PICS**

First of all, I have to apologize that I haven't posted pictures of the renos camera batteries are dead and I've put the recharger in a 'safe' place - but where exactly that is, I can't remember right, not many pictures to speak of. Many things are displaced with the kit/DR areas being mostly cleared out. So, I can post a partial picture of the bathroom which I had already downloaded previously. The **tiling is not done in these photos, but it's the best I can give right now (sorry Kathy). Maybe I'll go pick up some other batteries to use until I find the charger. (**UPDATE - I picked up another battery charger - one we can also use in the here are a couple of better pics of the bathroom, with tiles done)
I love the paint colour (it's a greenish-brown)
and I wasn't sure at first about not having the listelli
trim around the top (long story - they were damaged & returned),
but I like it just the way it is.
We also did cork flooring, which I LOVE - it's warm!
the opposite wall, where the vanity will go..
and, you can't see it, but there's a shower to the left of the tub

OK...on to the issue at hand. We have really got to decide on our flooring NOW because the cupboards are coming in less than 2 weeks...but I am having trouble making that decision. We like the idea of bamboo (thinking 'green') and perhaps that's what we should do...because it is a real wood product, it's warmer that laminate. On the other hand, laminate is so durable and will stand up for years to come. Just one hubby was putting up the door frame in the new bathroom, the phone rang. Thinking it was secure, he reached for the phone and the frame pieces parted ways and came crashing down on the adjacent bedroom laminate floor, nails down....not a mark! Impressive!! However, the look and warmth of the bamboo is alluring.
Then, I'm not sure what to do on the stairs, which go down off the main entrance. We'd love to follow through with bamboo on the stairs as well, but it's so hard should a little one take a tumble. Any suggestions here? We would do carpet down the stairs, but the carpeting at the bottom of the stairs is almost 10 years old (clearly visible from entrance) and would be difficult to match up...AND we don't want to replace downstairs carpeting right now. What to do....any suggestions?