Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How many people read this trivia

Watching paint dry is considered to be one of the most boring things possible but people get pretty excited about paint colours. There must be more interesting things.

This renovating thing has gone a little over board too. Our house seems to be in a shambles because of it and now at work we are experiencing the same thing. We plan to move the Co-op offices to a new location in the same building. Right now our office looks like we have been bombed. All the interior doors and windows have been removed and it looks pretty bad. Because the door into the grocery store has been removed we also get a cold breeze from the dairy cooler.

Enough complaining I have to go and study. I'm teaching a Bible class tomorrow on I Chronicles. I have been teaching Old Testament Survey since September. I lost a student just before Christmas when Beth went to Austria.

Rowan came over for supper while Keith took Stacey out for supper. We had a great time and Rowan discovered that he really likes raisins.

That's all for now


Monday, January 29, 2007

Here's the latest

I have been checking this Blog and there are never any new posts! Someone told me we have to do that ourselves, so we will try this thing.

have had a real cold blustery day and riding my bike into the north wind was a bit extreme. Dustin thinks his ride to the high school was colder. Mike (our pastor) is in Haiti this week and I hope he enjoys the relief from winter.

I have men's prayer time in an hour and then at 9 we have an entire staff meeting at the Heartland Inn. I have to give a 5-10 minute speech and it is supposed be very uplifting. It was not really called a staff meeting but a 'Rah Rah' meeting! Can you imagine an accountant trying to be motivational? Any way it should be easier than preaching on Sunday.

Let the renovations begin!! That's right...finally.
So far we have painted the living room and changed the carpet (I know, kinda backwards when you think that we'll be doing some removing of walls and plastering, etc., but the old LR carpet was sooo worn it had to go first). We scraped the stipple off the ceiling in the kitchen/dining room/hallways. (That was an ugly discouraging job!!) Then there was lots of plastering to be done before any painting could happen. Undercoating is now done and it's time to pick colors. Sara wants to paint the kitchen sundried tomato - sounds interesting - what do you think? We'll try to post some pictures as we go along.

I hope this shows up where it is supposed to.

John (Les)

Friday, January 5, 2007

The First Post....

So, the kids decided we needed to have a blog, even if only to post pictures; so here it is. Now, since we haven't learned how to navigate this thing 100%, they also got us started with this post. Hopefully we'll be able to keep it up.

Our growing family consists of Dad, Mom, Warren (& Liane), Stacey (& Keith), Ashleigh, Heather (& Bruce), Dustin, and Rowan (Keith & Stacey's son, t
he first grandchild). Here's a little preview:

Grandpa & Rowan

Grandma & Rowan

Warren & Liane

Keith & Stacey

Mom, Dad, & Ashleigh - it was a VERY windy day in SK!

Bruce & Heather

Dustin (the pro drummer)

Rowan & Monkey - his very special buddy.
Rowan just loved the snow.