Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just the two of us...

My favourite little man came to visit last night
as mommy and daddy took the Youth to a concert
We didn't have time for all the fun things we wanted to do

We started with baking cookies. I couldn't believe how well he
managed with the tools!

He reminded me part way through that
we had forgotten 'our' hair nets!

Soon we could enjoy some milk & cookies

Mmmmm - double chocolate oatmeal

then... we settled in for a short movie (Booples),
and a game of marbles
(which consisted of separating them into colours

and then placing them back in the bag)

then...he requested his favorite little video of
"that little girl"

...before we knew it...

mommy was at the door and it was time to go (drat!)

...all is still well
'til next time buddy!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Giving Entertainment

I promised Heather I'd give her a hand with some advertising..

The group Bruce has been involved with,
Candlewick Productions, is putting on their own rendition of M*A*S*H. Should be funny! Did any of you out there watch this show? I know, it dates me, but that's ok :) One could not possibly forget the antics of Klinger - always trying to come up with a new reason why they should let him out of the army...

Personally, I liked Captain McIntyre... haha, enough said... dates are this Friday and Saturday and tickets are available at T
hornview in Morden.

The best part, you get entertained and the proceeds go to help children in Uganda. Candlewick is teaming up with Heartstrings to build a much needed clinic in Uganda, Africa...sounds like a good occasion to go out this weekend!

So, maybe we'll see you there!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just Day Dreamin'

Did you know daydreaming is good for you?
Now, of course you wanna be choosy about when and where,
but what a way to relax. . .(might help the next time you're in the dentist's chair)

Go ahead try it - think about that place where you feel happy, and peaceful. . .
imagine yourself there, with all the sights, sounds and smells

I'm dreamin' of when...

I can sit out in my garden again...
and enjoy God's marvelous handiwork

of when...
the garden path will actually lead us to
all those yummy things
... just waiting to be appreciated

the colours and smells of spring come alive
and we feel the sun's warmth blanket us, once again!

yes, I'm daydreamin'...

of sharing some long-awaited warmer days
with some very precious little people...
some of whom will be discovering the 'feel' of summer for the first time!

Oh I can't wait
... but I guess I'll have to!
once again, Lord, I'll make it through... once again your grace

Thank you for that hope today!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Some of you have been asking how little Matthew has been doing since the terrible burns he suffered a few weeks ago. Here's the latest from his auntie...
Matthew did have to undergo surgery again unfortunately, however, the doctors say the second grafts went much better than the first time and are healing beautifully! PTL!!! Continue to keep him in your prayers. Tomorrow he gets the staples out which may not be a whole lot of fun either.
Otherwise, the burns on the rest of his body (which they didn't graft) are healing well and some of those bandages have now been taken off. If all goes well tomorrow, he may be able to leave the hospital in a couple of days, but will still need to remain close to the hospital until probably next week.
So, continue to keep his mom, dad & baby sister in your prayers too. It's not easy for them being away from home all this time.
On another positive note, they're taking Matthew off his morphine (for 6 hours at a time) and, other than being a little restless, he's doing quite well with that.
So keep those prayers going up on behalf of this family...and don't forget to thank Him for all those things, both great and small, that we take for granted every day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Added recipe

As promised, albeit rather late, I have finally added the recipe for the pretzels (on the sidebar under "In the kitchen"). So, if you enjoy the recipe or have variation suggestions, I would love to hear from you.

Also, somewhere in the near future I'm going to be doing my own giveaway, some Pampered Chef - so we'll see who actually reads this blog. It's time to come out of the woodwork and make yourself known. I really would love to know who you are. Not too scary really, and who knows, you might win something. So....KEEP WATCHING! Once I SEE that I have a few people interested, I'll reveal what Pampered Chef product I'll be giving away. Since I'm a consultant, it could be just about anything. Suggestions?

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Well, today I'm hoping for many readers even though I haven't been keeping up with this blogging thing very well lately! PLEASE READ ON...

There's a two year old boy, his name is Matthew, who was severely burned a week ago. Matthew was visiting with his mommy at grandma's house where grandma and mommy were making some spaghetti sauce. Matthew, in his little two-year-old mind decided he wanted to help stir the sauce and so when they weren't looking he somehow managed to get to the stove and pull the entire pot of spaghetti sauce down onto his little body.
Matthew is in Winnipeg and had his first surgery on Thursday for skin grafting. Imagine what that must be like....I can't!! Just having a two-year-old grandson myself, my heart is just overwhelmed and breaking for this family.

SO, whatever you're doing....STOP, yes.. right now....and send up your prayers for this little boy and his family. Pray that his body would heal miraculously that he wouldn't need more painful surgeries. Pray that the skin grafting he just received will take, and heal beyond all expectation. Then there's the burden of the expenses this family will be facing since this is the second time in a short while that they will have an ambulance bill coming in the mail, not to mention taking time off work and having to stay and eat away from home in order to be by his side. You see, just weeks before this Matthew's mom went into premature labour and delivered her second child 5-6 weeks early. So, although they've become all too familiar with the hospitals and streets of Winnipeg, their lives are once again disrupted as they eat, sleep and breathe life in critical care.

If you want to help out, there's a donation box set up at a bake sale TODAY at the Southland Mall. Sorry, for those who don't know where I'm talking about, I won't post the details here, but you can send me an email and I'll get you more info. I wish I could have posted this earlier, but only learned of this last night. Thankfully God is not limited by time or any of these details, so send up those prayers!!