Friday, July 17, 2009

Home sweet home

After our little whirlwind trip out west...we're back home.

Just on time to rescue the garden from towering weeds, and enjoy fresh strawberries...
but more importantly, back to the faces that bring us so much joy :)

We decided not to stop on the last leg of our trip and made it home at about 2 a.m....
figuring no one would be expecting us home until later the next day, we'd have a good chance to sleep in, nice and cozy in our own bed!

Well, we didn't really sleep in much as we heard little voices on the front porch.
Grampa got up and ran to the door to swing it following as quickly as I could so as not to miss out on the happy squealing and little bear hugs! What a way to wake up!!

Anyway, hopefully I can report more on the highlights, but for's time to get some work done...much to do!