Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Oh my goodness it's cold outside. Looks like this will be a great day for some baking. The mercury plummeted from -6 celcius yesterday to -21 today. Time to get out the long johns I say!! I really don't handle the cold weather too well, just want to stay inside and curl up with a cozy blanket and a cup of tea. Hmmm, speaking of tea, I need to go make some...

Alright, now that I'm set I have a bone to pick.

I mentioned it was only -6 outside yesterday, but the humidity was high and the cold still chilled through to the bones. I had to go to the store to buy some envelopes and what I saw there just broke my heart. A few people ahead of me at the checkout was a mother packing up her purchases getting ready to head outdoors. Her little boy, no more than a year old, was sitting in the cart playing with his mommy's hat, pulling it on and off of his head. I smiled as I watched him - he was simply adorable. Anyway, I watched and waited for her to put on her baby's parka and mitties - but she didn't!! No mitties, no parka, just a fleece (like a hoodie, but no hood) and a loose hat, which was NOT his mommies, that would have blown away in the wind. Did I mention it was windy? I wanted to run after her and ask her if she didn't have anything warm for her baby, but I didn't. My smiles quickly faded and I felt sick as I watched her go out into the cold with the little one holding on to the cold metal cart. I mean, she had plenty in her cart and they weren't groceries, couldn't she afford a pair of mitties? Even the cheap $1.99 version would have been better than nothing at all. I don't know, maybe she had a parka and mitts in her car - I hope so. What if she had vehicle trouble and had to walk with that little one? What are people thinking - - or don't they!!

Now, my son rides his bike to school year round - unless it's very cold outside. But, he's old enough to understand what cold is and does, and to decide for himself if he wants to be cold or not. In fact, after I dropped him off at school this morning (he couldn't find his warmer gloves), I watched one of his classmates walking to school with a short blazer-type jacket, nothing on her head and no gloves. She must have been so cold. I knew there was means for her to have these items if she wanted them - she was making her own statement. The little boy in the cart, however, depended on his mommy to keep him warm and safe.

If you've got little ones, please make sure they're protected from the cold. Better still, if you don't have to go out with them when it's bitter outside, don't! I know there are families out there who can't afford to dress their children warmly, and I pray that those around them who notice will do what they can to help and not just watch.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

One down....

So, we finally managed to do the big birthday party yesterday for Dad and Stacey. Stacey decided she wanted pizza so pizza it was - great choice since we didn't have a table to sit around. It's in for repairs just like my poor old camera (silly story), only hope I don't have to wait as long to get it back. Anyway, back to supper. Heather came over early to give me a hand while Selah slept. She managed to get a lot of the little prep things done while I played with the dessert recipes. Then I started mixing the pizza dough and discovered I only had 1 Tbsp of yeast left - ok that just doesn't cut it when you're making four pizzas. Thankfully my very own personal delivery man was just a phone call away and soon we had yeast!! Obviously the pizza was on a little later than usual - not too serious except the house smelled so good by this point I found myself warding off the taste-testers from the toppings! LOL. Liane and Heather were pretty quick on the assembly line (they're experienced) and soon all the growly tummies were satisfied - wish I had a picture!!
The house was pretty full as others arrived shortly after supper to enjoy some birthday cake. Actually I made a Toblerone cheesecake and fruit trifle, which turned out pretty good despite my feeling a little flustered. I was asked to post the recipe for the cheesecake so you'll find that in the sidebar as well.
I hesitate to post recipes yet since my camera is still in the repair shop and I wanted to have my own pictures to go with the recipes. I am such a visual person. Don't explain something to me, show me a picture...hehe... especially when it comes to dessert!
Alrighty - it's Saturday and much to do. I think the little man is coming over for a haircut so I'll go get ready for him. Have a great weekend!! I'll post an old pizza-feast picture for you to enjoy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Birthday time again!!

I know it's been a while. I've had so much on my mind lately that I haven't been able to even think about blogging! I've also been wrestling with some health issues that have been a bit draining (ok, more than a bit), but I'll maybe get into that in a later post.

This time of year sets off a whole 'wack' of birthdays in the Thiessen family. Just celebrated mine, won't say which one, but it's always the point where I know that four of my kids' birthdays will follow shortly (3 actual plus our daughter-in-law). Anyone who knows our family well knows we used to jokingly tell our kids they could not marry someone who had a birthday in December. This indoctrination began quite early (just kidding). One of the first questions we could hardly wait to ask our kids when they started dating was when their "friend's" birthday was. Too funny. Anyway, our son did marry a December-birthday girl and that's more than ok with us since she's a gem, and...it gives us another occasion to get together, which I love more than anything. Did I happen to mention they're also going to have a little one in December - can't wait!
So, today is Stacey's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACEY! As part of my gift to our kids I cook them their favorite meal, which can get interesting, although some are very predictable by now. I'm waiting to hear what Stacey will choose. She and Keith have been away visiting his family so I haven't been able to ask her yet.
It's also another special person's birthday - 24 years ago Stacey arrived earlier than expected -but just on time to help us celebrate Dad T's birthday - so Happy 79th Dad!!!

Here they are, Stacey with her grandpa, almost 23 years ago

Dad's still whistling tunes

So...I just counted the family birthdays for November and December -
22! plus the little muffin! Hope I didn't forget anyone this time :)

Friday, November 2, 2007

Did you know?..

I had only heard part of this story previously - it's even more amazing to me now!

I can't imagine that praising would be the first thing I would have done!? My trials in this life are minor in comparison and I too easily complain.

Hope this inspires you and helps you face whatever it is you are facing today.