Friday, October 24, 2008

Time to come home **UPDATED**

**PTL! She's coming home tonight :)
thanks again to everyone for praying!!

Can I ask for a few extra prayers to be sent up for the little one today...

Her mommy and daddy would love to bring her home,
but until she starts drinking, she can't.
She's also over-tired as she hasn't been able to sleep much - I think
being in her own home minus an IV....will do wonders
You can read more on her mommy's blog,
but just need those prayers... thanks


Monday, October 20, 2008

This little one...

is as cute as can be,
and has
already had a few milestones ...

...she made it through those first few teeth,

celebrated the big "1",
mastered the 'walk' (? wiggle) ...

and has proven to be a real trooper

having had her first (hopefully only) surgery

and, though she was feeling pretty lousy,
her eyes lit up when big brother walked in the room
and she gave him a smile :)

We're thankful for God's protection over her!

Please continue to pray for her recovery

Nana & Papa

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What I didn't say, was...

I don't want to complain...not here, in front of everyone.
I'd rather you don't see that side of me and so, I'll save it for
hmmm, who? - the one(s) I love??

But, if I did... I wanted to say...
~ this reno stuff is just too much and I'm... well... T.I.R.E.D.
~ please, can we move now?

I was gonna complain that...
~ I'm lousy at forever camping and I don't wanna anymore

~ though I really have enjoyed washing all those dishes by hand,
and they're cleaner than any dishwasher could get them,
c'mon - it's forever since we tore out the old kitchen and, well...
I'm so DONE with fetching water from the tub!

I even wanted to wait...
~ to celebrate Thanksgiving 'cause I just did't feel like bathing with
the turkey, so it could get a rinse too...GROSS!!

I've been tempted to...
~ no denying it here...GRUMBLE

Instead... I should have remembered
and been thankful for this...

the hard work that began over a year ago

and, this...
helping hands that have been there over,

...and, over

and, this...
the valuable apprenticing that has happened
along the way

Just when...I was feeling ashamedly un-thankful...
this happened

look a little closer...

I have a SINK...a shiny new kitchen sink!!
a bathroom sink

Thanks to our amazing friend/plumber!

Now, I can say goodbye to this...

and have a little more time for this...
I really AM thankful...forgive me, Lord!