Friday, March 30, 2007

What oh what are we doing!!???

So, the day has finally come. The walls are coming down. Literally. I mean the old walls in the room that is to become our new bathroom. How exciting!! The plans are being set into motion. OH HELP!! What have we gotten ourselves into!! Here's the first pictures of our momentous occasion. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I left my heart in Texas....

...well, not actually, although we did enjoy the warm weather and a great Conference in Dallas. Certainly a highlight was being able to spend some much anticipated time with our old friends, Ron & Gail.
The drive there was quite intense with the highways being covered with ice clear through to Nebraska. Our first day was 14 crazy long 'white-knuckled' hours and I have to say I don't know when I've been so stressed for so long, nor so happy to get out of the vehicle. There were hundreds of cars, truck & transports in the ditch up to that point. We stayed put in Nebraska for a couple of days at friends of Mike & Renee's - Charlie & Alvena Adams - they were wonderful hosts. We left Nebraska in the wee morning hours on Monday in order to get to Dallas on time for the first session....thankfully the roads were good from this point.
As far as the Conference, my favorite speakers were Bob Wilkin, James Bond (yes, really!) and Tony Evans. You can check out the Grace website at, click on Annual Conference and you may even find me/us in the pictures during Charlie Bing's session. It was standing room only when he spoke. There were so many good speakers during the afternoon workshops, but you had to pick and choose between several going on at once, which meant you were missing other good speakers! The important thing is that the message of Free Grace came through loud & clear.
The hotel was gorgeous and after sleeping in a king-size bed for a few days I was ready to knock out walls to make room for one of those in our bedroom!!! The elevator was glass on one side and the entire hotel had an open concept, with the rooms all overlooking the main floor lobby, balcony-style, no long closed-in hallways. We could talk (more like yell) to Mike & Renee across the courtyard from our room even though we were on different floors.
It was also great to re-connect with our friends Ron & Gail. They live in Dallas and we managed to spend some time together. Gail was even able to join us for a couple of sessions. Thanks guys for taking time for us!
Anyway, I'll let you enjoy a few pictures now. It's is good to be home, but sure would have liked to bring those 20's (C) temps home with us. I guess our turn is coming, right!?
Oh, did I mention I really don't care to drive in Texas anytime soon - the drivers are crazy!! (Sorry Ron, you actually drove pretty nice and thank you so much for the tour) :) The George W. Bush turnpike had Renee closing her eyes TIGHT, and although I was a little freaked too, I tried to capture it with my camera.


Ok...looks like blogger doesn't want me posting pictures right now, so we'll try that again tomorrow.

Friday, March 2, 2007

So what's on your mind?

A few things on mine this week....

~ it's finally Friday ~ I'm wearin' jeans!!
~ I've been working full-time lately - thankful I don't have to do this all the time, but happy I can help out a friend in need right now.

~ crazy weather - if you don't have to be on the roads....DON'T....I'm glad I don't have to, yet!
~ a young "old friend" died this week - no warnings! How does one cope when a loved one just slips away? I'm so thankful she loved the Lord.
~ we're supposed to leave for Texas early tomorrow morning - the weather's been bad on much of the route we need to take. I don't do great on long drives and this brings a little added stress. Are there some extra prayers out there?
~ I'm trying desparately to get used to my new glasses....who called this "progressive" anyway!!???
~ two people died on the slippery highway sad...wondering~ pray for loved ones left behind.
~ how do people cope when someone they love doesn't recognize them anymore?
~ I'm thankful my family is home safe - in more ways than one :)
~ understanding God's grace is a new experience every day!! We are loved unconditionally...loved eternally...loved individually.. WOW...does that really reach to my core?!
~ am I committed to finding out what makes God smile and then doing it...even if it doesn't feel comfortable for me...even if things don't turn out as I'd hoped?'s your turn!