Friday, April 10, 2009

No More Waiting

The sun is finally shining warm and bright
and it feels so good to see the snow disappear!

We couldn't wish for a sweeter day to finally meet
this little one...

~ Keziah Nicole ~

She was born late last night
and after tossing and turning because we couldn't wait,
morning came and we could finally hold her.

Of course, her "big" sister is smitten with her
and Keziah graciously accepted the
abundance of kisses... so sweet!

And...her amazing mama, looking fabulous
just a little more than two hours
before Keziah arrived! She almost had us fooled!

Thank you, thank you, Lord!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Better Way

About 10 years ago the group Downhere were just starting out and did a concert at our church. We were able to open our home to a couple of them and gave our youngest the choice whom he would have come stay at our house. At his young age he had quite an attraction to music and was already playing some guitar, so we were sure he'd ask the "guitar guys" to come. We were somewhat surprised when he said, "the drummer". But then again, he was born after a concert and I believe he was imitating kicking the drum pedal when he broke my water!

It was a pleasure to have Jeremy Thiessen (the drummer) and Cory Doak (guitarist, now on his own), come for night. We got to know a little about them, but one little boy truly took to heart a new love for drumming (he played on anything that he could find).

(Cory, Dustin, Jeremy)

But, this post is really about Downhere, a very... no very talented and sincere group of guys who spread God's love through their music. One of their songs, written by Jason Germaine, that has become another favourite of mine is called "A Better Way". So, if you get a chance to hear them, don't pass it up (though they live in Nashville now and unfortunately don't get to Canada often enough). Listen to the words...just beautiful. Oh, and notice how Jeremy improvises here in the studio.

With Easter upon us...I hope you know how much God loves you. I hope you realize what was sacrificed on your/our behalf. Truly, there could be no better way than what Christ did for us on Calvary's cross...he paid it all!

"Because You redeem, I know what's to come
Everything I could lose here, You've already won
So You have my surrender, with passion obey
"I love you" could not be said
A better way" (final verse)