Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Heat!

This summer has just been so busy with this, that & the other. Truth is

I just don't take the time needed these days to blog about all that's going on,

exciting stuff (besides my last post)


sweet little birthdays

a reunion & visitors ..

a wedding ..

our 30th Anniversary ..

(a post I started but didn't put up)

our first solo road trip as a couple

since our honeymoon!

(I'm not talking about attending 3-day conventions either...

so refreshing :)

Shame on me! I won't be showing you my 'drafts' page either :)

Today we're celebrating 2 more birthdays! Our oldest grandson is turning 5

and since they'll be away when his little sister turns 3,

we'll celebrate that one today as well.

I'm so looking forward to it - parties do a soul good !! :)


(unrelated but had to post this pic since these weren't
supposed to be in my garden this year...they volunteered
and I'm loving them!)

Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful summer we've been given....this beautiful DAY we've been given,

we're never guaranteed tomorrow!

I'll try my best to post more pictures later!