Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Cleaning Anyone?

Desperately awaiting spring here as many of you are. At least it looks like we've got our sunshine back. Wasn't that fog unbelievable!

I've decided that today will mark the start of my spring cleaning...maybe that will help me feel that green grass and tulips are really just days away!

I'm going to start in our bedroom since that seems to be the place where things end up that don't have a place of their own. I'm telling you this year I really want to change that and keep my bedroom off limits to strays! And it's time to get rid of excess everywhere else too!

Our ladies group is making an annual event of a spring de-Clutter the Clutter auction which has been so much fun. I'm already thinking I'll have a few extra contributions this year.

So, here's hoping I stay on task! It's far too easy for me to think of other worthwhile things to do...like baking... Oh shoot, that is a pretty good option. Anyone want to come over and bake while I do some cleaning?

That reminds me....it's time for lunch :) Right after that though, I'm definitely turning up the tunes and diving in!!

Oh and I came across these pictures...you never know what you'll find in my house...sometimes there's some pretty fun stuff amongst the clutter!

Oh my...just looked at the time...better get started!
Have a great day all.