Sunday, September 30, 2007


I'm posting this at the request of Heather, a fellow blogger whom I have recently met.
She's asking for prayer for a young girl who, at the age of 16 finds herself two months pregnant. This girl is seriously thinking of ending her pregnancy, because she doesn't think she could give it up once it was born.
So, if you're reading this, please take some time to stop right now and pray. Let's, as many of us as possible, do our part in bringing this before God.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Almost Forgot! Stacey is doing a little giveaway over on her blog. Now, obviously I don't need this but it sure is a great idea and wish I would have had one when I was nursing. The safety pin on the outside of my sweater was always a dead giveaway! I didnt' actually pin it to the outside of my shirt, but how awkward it was!! Anyway, it will make a nice little gift to give someone. Stop by Amy May's to check out some of her other great ideas!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

VeggieTales and Apple Pie......

Today Rowan and I sat and watched "Lyle the Kindly Viking", the VeggieTales video about sharing. I actually needed to get lunch started and thought maybe he wouldn't mind sitting and watching this one by himself...but, it's what we do now...he suggests a movie and we get to watch together cuddled up on the couch under the same I embraced the idea once more :) It was fun watching with him and wondering what his little mind was thinking as the story played on. Was he catching on to this 'sharing' idea?
Then my thoughts turned to myself/my life and I had to ask solemnly, in what ways do I share (quietly of course, wouldn't want to startle Rowan). Do I look for opportunities in my day to 'share' something with time, resources/blessings, a cup of tea, a quiet moment? Maybe they don't have physical needs, but they're lonely or had a hard day. How often don't I carry on my daily routine as usual, just to bring me to the end of yet
one more day without a lot of thought as to how I can make someone else's day better?!! Of course as moms/wives we're always thinking about our own family...but how about someone else, someone "outside the box"? This led me to the next thought, which the video brought out (by now you're thinking you should watch the video...good idea...or watch it again if haven't recently) I share only when I have an abundance or even just enough? Am I able to think of others more highly than myself and actually give sacrificially? It sure feels great to be the recipient of such a selfless act; gotta remember to pass it on!
Who says VeggieTales are for kids? Bring on the movies Rowan!! :) the way, I read the back of the says, "sharing gets us more of what we
really want - friends!" Fancy that!

Thanks so much for the apples AF!!
These will be a blessing to share!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Down for the count...

....but hopefully not for long.
Les has been suffering from terrible back pain & other symptoms since Sunday AM. After three days of being unable to do anything but lie in bed (well by Tuesday he could get up by himself) He did manage to go to work yesterday but had to come home for a nap in between.
I, on the other hand, thought I was better off with just a sore stiff neck since Sunday, but have been sooooo tired the last couple of days. Yesterday I could barely keep my head up at work and by evening added a sore throat to my neck issues. So, I don't know who/or what 'tagged' us, but we'll hopefully be back to normal before too long - the weekend is coming!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lost in the Excitement!!

Got to drive my niece to the airport yesterday. Was hoping to take someone along for the ride and of course to take in a little shopping since I had a few "needs" to tend to as well - it's always more fun to shop with a friend! (actually for me it's more the visiting than shopping) But, gone are the days when I could just call someone on a whim and she'd be available to go. So, yes, I went alone and told myself it was (?) OK - now I could take all the time I needed to browse, try on a gazillion (that's how it feels - I really don't enjoy it) shoes or other 'things', etc., and not worry about being home by a certain time. This was going to be a 'ME' day!
Well, I hadn't been at the Mall long when I happened upon the you gotta picture it....several ladies all crowding around a clothing rack in a kids store, grabbing and throwing (yes, literally) piles of clothes into their shopping bags like price wasn't an issue.
Turns out it wasn't - the store had just decided only minutes before to clear out all their summer wear at ridiculously cheap prices!!! It was crazy - there were boxes stacked in the store and people began rummaging through them as well, which apparently was OK with the clerks. Well, I couldn't resist joining in the rush when a garage sale 'opens for business' and 15 people dash to get in the door for that one special 'treasure' a kid in a candy store a bag sale at MCC, only everything was new and cute to boot! I could hardly decide which colours, sizes, styles, etc. to pick. It was SO MUCH FUN because I didn't get there after everything was picked through....yippee!! I know a few mommies who'll be glad I happened to be in the right place at the right time.
Hmmm, now I'm not going to mention how much of my time this bargain took up - only that I guess I'll have to go again since I didn't get any of the "me" things done! Anyone interested in going for a ride??

Monday, September 3, 2007

What to do?

So I'm sitting here this morning wondering which of the many projects staring at me I should tackle on this 'labour' day. We've rarely done anything holiday-ish on this day - mostly looked at it as an opportunity to get more done! I'm feeling kinda sad about that. I'd love to just go for a drive and relax....yes, really ....I love to just drive, and of course talk with my hubby while we're cruisin'.
So, here are the options for today....
~ bake (it's been a while since I've made homemade bread) ~ 9-grain or flax? OR...uhmmm cinnamon buns would be 'sweet'
~ make pizza sauce (I possibly have enough ripe tomatoes for one recipe)
~ yard/garden work
~ finish up the arbour bench (the top boards need to go on to complete the arbour part)
~ start on that garden path I'd like (actually there are still tomatoes and peppers in the way of where it's supposed to go, so nay on that)
~ get my house organized. Feels so disjointed right now with many things out of place with the renos started-but-stalled-for-now!
~ I'm sure there's something else calling...
So, what do you think?
Oh I should say we will be going to the valley for a little hiking later on today - after I/we get something accomplished ;) Les is at the church at this very moment doing hopefully the last coat of plastering in the new washrooms - doesn't take him as long to get his day going....hehe. I guess that also means I get to paint soon - anyone interested in lending a helping hand with that?