Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Little Perspective!

In all my 20 plus years of experience, I've NEVER had this happen before...

Went to get some pizza sauce from the pantry only to discover some of the jars had unsealed. So, out they went since I had no idea how long they were that way.

Went down a little later that day and what'd ya know... more unsealed jars. WHAT?!
By the next morning, I had thrown out 15 jars *ouch*!

There was no more deciding what to do with the ripe tomatoes sitting on my counter.

Fast forward a few days - Les and I were out late last Saturday afternoon trying to finish up some errands when my phone rang...

"Hey Mom, I don't want to alarm you but..."

Now, what thoughts go through your head when you hear that? I'll tell you, I had several racing simultaneously.

I took a deep breath and calmly asked, "What's wrong?"

"I think our freezer just died, everything inside is melted....kaput!"

Needless to say we raced back home, errands un-accomplished, and began the laborious task of cleaning out all the dripping, messy things that come out of freezers that are left open!

Apparently, while attempting to fetch a frozen treat, an entire pail of mushy, watery ice cream came jumping out and of course burst open as it hit the floor. It took our "ice-cream lovin'" son a while to scoop it all up off the rug!

Though it wasn't exactly what I had planned for that day...I have to say several good things came out of that messy inconvenience..

~ meat was already partially thawed for the next few meals
~ I started a LARGE stock pot of sommer borscht since there was meat, sorrel and onion greens "ready and waiting"
~ we had a variety of yummy things we cooked up for supper (california chicken and rhubarb pie for starters) Oh yum.
~ cooked up some raspberry sauce so that's ready for the next time someone needs a treat
~ I didn't have any worries about what I'd serve for Sunday lunch
~ my freezer got defrosted and organized (a job I had been putting off), and of course, it's emptier.

And.. a little more perspective..
~ I STILL have food!
~ I STILL HAVE my home and I'm not worried when the next typhoon or tsunami will hit!
~ I'm NOT the mom who didn't get a chance to say goodbye to her teenage son before he was tragically gone!
~ I'm NOT the dad who has to tell his kids mommy's not coming home!
~ I DIDN'T have to hear the tragic news from my doc today (working in a clinic setting you become painfully aware of those who do)

PRAY for those to whom this is a reality...pray tho you know no names or faces...

sweat the small stuff but rather GIVE THANKS to the Lord, for He is good!

I'm off to work today.