Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good Stuff...

Ok so, hope you didn't have to be out on the highways this weekend - they weren't very friendly. The freezing rain and then snow was a bit much for some motorists who found themselves attracted to the ditches. I have to say though, it sure feels good to be out of our deep freeze! Couldn't keep from going for a walk today in the fresh snow - quite refreshing after being cooped up for so long - made for a pretty good workout too :) "Bring back the springtime!"
The kids came over and we made a pizza feast for supper....good stuff indeed!! Afterwards we all
went over to K&S's to watch "Flyboys", a war movie based on a true story. It was a good movie, but couldn't help but feel thankful for all the freedoms we have today - some don't share that luxury.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

This is as close as I get...

So, did a little "Hawaian"-themed Pampered Chef party for a friend the other night. I brought a bunch of leis so each lady could 'imagine' being somewhere in the tropics - 'cause that's as close as some of us will ever get :) We drank mock pina colada's and I made Aloha pizza with fresh pineapple salsa - delicious!! Purchased some hawaian music from itunes to add to the atmosphere of the evening and thought all was set until the songs wouldn't download properly...arghh! Gotta get #1 son over here to figure out what went wrong so I can try this again.
Anyway, for anyone reading this, if you need/want stoneware - it's 20% off this month....60% off if you're a host....give me a call!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Our Little Sunshine

Seems we haven't seen as much of Rowan lately (because we've been busy) and can't believe how fast he's changing. He used to get upset if I tried to take his picture because he wanted to be the one holding the camera. The other day I asked if I could take his picture and he popped his head up high and smiled for me. Had to be quick though! :) He was also full of stories to tell, if only I could understand - he looked at me so seriously and just kept talking. When I asked him about it he smiled, nodded and said, "ahuh". His favorite words lately...button, book, door, kick (loves to kick a ball around), Joe & Bob (from Veggie Tales), Mom and Dad and many we're not sure about :)

After Stacey changed his diaper he quickly crawled away wanting to snuggle up in the guest bed. I asked if he wanted to have his nap at Grandma's and he said, "uhuh". Now if only mommy had brought along his little napping buddy!

Got to babysit Thursday evening while his mommy and daddy worked with the Youth. We had such a blast doing all the fun things he likes to do, and then more excitement when we had to pick up Uncle Dustin from work. He absolutely adores his uncles and aunties.
At bedtime he's got a little routine that, if you forget a step, he'll remind you - get into pj's, turn on his night light, his little fan and his music. Then we sit in the rocking chair for a story and a little singing. After that you pray with him and he gives a long hug before lying down to sleep. He must have felt I didn't pray enough or forgot someone/something because he lifted his hand for me to pray again. I melted!! Could he be any sweeter? I just wanted to pick him up and hold him....well, I got my chance! After a few minutes he called me back but I didn't know what I had forgotten. So, we re-did the routine and I laid him in his bed again and all was well. It was only after about 10 minutes of him being asleep that I realized what I had forgotten - his cup of milk!! I felt sooo bad, even moreso that he was gracious and let me off the hook

Friday, February 16, 2007

For Old Times Sake

So we finally managed to find a date that worked for us to visit with our dear friends, Sam & Melody. They invited us over a few Sundays back (ok...I'm know I'm a little behind, but life has been busy) , along with our 'entire crew'. We spent some time at the aquatic centre and then went back to their place for some good eatin' and 'catch-up'. Sam & Melody had never met our kids' spouses, nor Rowan, so that was very special! Sariel and Rowan hit it off right off the hop and she really laid on the charm by letting him play with her cell phone.

Then, this past Sunday they were giving a presentation in our morning service, so we were able to enjoy their company once more. Again our kids joined us for lunch so the house was full, but we still managed to get in some good conversation and reminiscing. In the evening we all headed over to our church for an International Dinner where we enjoyed some fabulous food from different countries (China, Russia, Germany, Greece, Mexico/El Salvador - did I miss any?) - yummmm! You can check out more pictures on Warren's blog

So, it was great to re-connect with friends and laugh over old times, but I can't help but feel a touch of sadness as I realize it may be some time before we'll be able to get together again. Their plan is to go back to the Philippines for another year and then hopefully moving toThailand where they will begin a new ministry. Maybe we'll have to plan a trip or something.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Apparently Red Makes People Hungry!

Alright, so it's been a little crazy at our house lately - challenging to navigate in the kit/dining area since the piano, fridge, table and microwave stand are all huddled in the middle of the room - but all is well. We only got the first coat on so far, but the kids like it. Rowan seemed to enjoy the fact that the walls were 'coloured'. Hopefully next week everything will be back in place.

I've been busy painting at the Coop as well - I know bad timing, but that's just how it worked out.

So...if this makes you think of food... give us a call - we'd be glad to come on by :)