Monday, February 22, 2010

I'll take that!!

Seems like forever since I've been on here... life has definitely been busy, but I do want to share two huge praise items with you.

These last few weeks I've been quite busy with my mom attending various appointments with her doc and specialists due to some health issues. She has been "through the wringer" so to speak with numerous tests, etc., and we can thankfully say that our worst fears have been relieved, at least to the doctors' knowledge.

What they did find is treatable. We still need to get to the bottom of a couple of issues, but hopefully nothing else is going on that they aren't detecting.

I have to say we were quite worried, yet trying all the while not to be since we need to be trusting God in all things...especially times like these! I just wasn't prepared at all to lose her yet and the memories of what Mom T went through became all too fresh again.

Last week was especially difficult. On Wednesday, as we pulled into the hospital parking lot where Mom was scheduled for more tests, I asked her if she was nervous. She quickly replied, "Not at all". I admitted that I was and so we took a moment to pray together which was wonderfully calming for me. I'm grateful for the peace she displayed and oh so thankful for God's presence and that they didn't find what we were hoping they wouldn't find.

Still with me?
Good...'cause the 2nd praise came only two days later and was the icing on the cake!

Emery Shae was born early Friday morning. The call requesting one of us to sprint down the street to watch over the slumbering came only 2 1/2 hours earlier. What a relief when things went quickly. As one who has been through this "process" on four separate occasions, I ALWAYS pray for a good positive birthing experience (you ladies know what I mean).

We've been praying daily that God would protect this little one (and mama) for this day. I added a little something to my prayer on Thursday see, Friday would be my sister's birthday and she mentioned several times how she was hoping to for this bundle to arrive on her I threw in an extra little request. What fun it was to be able to call her with the news - apparently she had prayed the same prayer!

We're so happy to finally be able to hold this little babe...and of course, her mama is feeling much more comfortable too!

So... my dreaded week ended up being more wonderful than I could have imagined - Isn't God amazing!!

And's wayyyy past my bedtime...good night all!