Wednesday, August 26, 2009

End of an "age"

Wow...once again
it's been forever since I posted...
there's been so much to celebrate, and so little time to blog. is a very important day in the life of one young man,
who happens to be our baby youngest.

A day I've pondered longer than I care to admit...

so here I am..

excited to say...

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY, Dustin!!

How can it be this day is already upon me us?
Where did that little boy go who loved to borrow kitchen gadgets
and ice cream pails?

Dustin, you are without a doubt
one very mysterious
kid young man...
you've always managed to keep us guessing as to what you'd come up with
and as always, with great determination!

Life has been far from boring
since the very day
God chose to give you to us.

You no longer seek out the ice cream pails...

and...we do recognize what you're playing these days,

while other things still remain a mystery.

Dustin...when did you decide ...oh, nevermind!

It's been fun watching you grow to be a man,

and we look forward to seeing where God will lead you
these next few years.

We love you,
Mom & Dad