Friday, February 16, 2007

For Old Times Sake

So we finally managed to find a date that worked for us to visit with our dear friends, Sam & Melody. They invited us over a few Sundays back (ok...I'm know I'm a little behind, but life has been busy) , along with our 'entire crew'. We spent some time at the aquatic centre and then went back to their place for some good eatin' and 'catch-up'. Sam & Melody had never met our kids' spouses, nor Rowan, so that was very special! Sariel and Rowan hit it off right off the hop and she really laid on the charm by letting him play with her cell phone.

Then, this past Sunday they were giving a presentation in our morning service, so we were able to enjoy their company once more. Again our kids joined us for lunch so the house was full, but we still managed to get in some good conversation and reminiscing. In the evening we all headed over to our church for an International Dinner where we enjoyed some fabulous food from different countries (China, Russia, Germany, Greece, Mexico/El Salvador - did I miss any?) - yummmm! You can check out more pictures on Warren's blog

So, it was great to re-connect with friends and laugh over old times, but I can't help but feel a touch of sadness as I realize it may be some time before we'll be able to get together again. Their plan is to go back to the Philippines for another year and then hopefully moving toThailand where they will begin a new ministry. Maybe we'll have to plan a trip or something.


Stacey said...

What did we eat from Greece?

The Thiessens said...

Did you not try the salad? Oh, that's right - you shouldn't eat feta cheese while pregnant.

The Thiessens said...

Can't believe I forgot to include the Philippines! Melody brought same philippino sticky rice, which, I forgot to try - my eyes were fixed on the Mandarin dessert I guess!