Friday, March 2, 2007

So what's on your mind?

A few things on mine this week....

~ it's finally Friday ~ I'm wearin' jeans!!
~ I've been working full-time lately - thankful I don't have to do this all the time, but happy I can help out a friend in need right now.

~ crazy weather - if you don't have to be on the roads....DON'T....I'm glad I don't have to, yet!
~ a young "old friend" died this week - no warnings! How does one cope when a loved one just slips away? I'm so thankful she loved the Lord.
~ we're supposed to leave for Texas early tomorrow morning - the weather's been bad on much of the route we need to take. I don't do great on long drives and this brings a little added stress. Are there some extra prayers out there?
~ I'm trying desparately to get used to my new glasses....who called this "progressive" anyway!!???
~ two people died on the slippery highway sad...wondering~ pray for loved ones left behind.
~ how do people cope when someone they love doesn't recognize them anymore?
~ I'm thankful my family is home safe - in more ways than one :)
~ understanding God's grace is a new experience every day!! We are loved unconditionally...loved eternally...loved individually.. WOW...does that really reach to my core?!
~ am I committed to finding out what makes God smile and then doing it...even if it doesn't feel comfortable for me...even if things don't turn out as I'd hoped?'s your turn!


one of us said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend.
It sounds like you've had lots on your mind lately.
I also wanted to say thanks for telling me about that website you mentioned last weekend! It changed my life.
Praying you have a safe trip!
Just a little side "note" we're back to blogging. Check us out at

The Thiessens said...

Thanks Sheila...and I am so glad you checked out the website. And...yes, looks like we're still heading out tomorrow so definitely keep us in your thoughts. As of supper tonight, the I29 was still closed in S. Dakota. Hoping by the time we get there it's opened :)
If you want any good books to read on the topic we discussed, we've got some.
Glad to hear you're back to blogging! Missed you!!

Brenda T said...

Hi John and Sara,
That is sad about your friend. Sorry to hear about this sudden loss. I've been out of touch and don't check up on the blogs as much as I should. I don't comment a lot either because I take too much time writing and sometimes end up writing too much. As far as what's on my mind, I am constantly OVERWHELMED by everything in life -- the good and the bad, the happy and sad, the greatness and sovereignty of God and His working in people's lives. I'm glad He's in control. I am so blessed to know the Creator yet there are so many who don't and are lost. That's just a bit of what's on my mind.

Brenda T said...

What I meant in that last comment about "taking too much time" for comments ... not that it's not worth taking the time, I'm just annoyed with myself that I can't write a few sentences a little faster. I read it over and over, change words, add words, delete words, etc as if I am writing some major essay. So then, knowing that I have this problem, I tend to avoid writing any comments. But this has nothing to do with this particular blog "So what's on your mind?" Today what is on my mind? ... well March break is over, our kids are back to school and I have a heap of laundry to catch up on. Have a great day!

Brenda T said...

Why did that just publish twice?

The Thiessens said...

Hi Brenda - I often have trouble with what to write as well, or how to put what I'm thinking into words (hence, no new posts lately)...but I think you expressed yourself rather well.
As far as spring break - ours is next week. I've taken the week off so that will be good, hoping to get started on some renos, or prep for at the least.
Thanks for stopping by :) Hope you're getting a handle on that laundry and enjoying the week - I can relate here as well, having had 7 people to wash clothes for :)