Monday, October 20, 2008

This little one...

is as cute as can be,
and has
already had a few milestones ...

...she made it through those first few teeth,

celebrated the big "1",
mastered the 'walk' (? wiggle) ...

and has proven to be a real trooper

having had her first (hopefully only) surgery

and, though she was feeling pretty lousy,
her eyes lit up when big brother walked in the room
and she gave him a smile :)

We're thankful for God's protection over her!

Please continue to pray for her recovery

Nana & Papa


Lovella said...

oh dear, she is so darling. I pray that her recovery is easy and quick.
I'm alwasy amazed at how much they learn in that first year.

Gina said...

that picture is so sweet. I'm so glad the surgery went well.


what a cutie ... I'm glad things went well with Bria's surgery

amy said...

It's good to see her with a little bit of a smile on her beautiful face! What a trooper!