Friday, April 10, 2009

No More Waiting

The sun is finally shining warm and bright
and it feels so good to see the snow disappear!

We couldn't wish for a sweeter day to finally meet
this little one...

~ Keziah Nicole ~

She was born late last night
and after tossing and turning because we couldn't wait,
morning came and we could finally hold her.

Of course, her "big" sister is smitten with her
and Keziah graciously accepted the
abundance of kisses... so sweet!

And...her amazing mama, looking fabulous
just a little more than two hours
before Keziah arrived! She almost had us fooled!

Thank you, thank you, Lord!


Lovella said...

Oh what a blessing ..congratulations on Keziah. .may this child grow to be strong . .and be a blessing to many.

Jobina said...

how do you pronounce her name? Is it kez-ee-ah or kez-eye-ah?
So happy for Bruce and Heather! Congratulations!!!


Wonderful news! Congratulations!! :) Sara, thanks for the phone call this morning too -- sorry I didn't get to talk as I was just headed to church early. Hope all goes well for Heather, Bruce, Selah & Keziah ...with the transition, settling into routine, etc. Glad things are looking up for you weather-wise
too :)

Happy Easter!

Brenda(for all of us)

Gina said...


The Thiessens said...'s pronounced KEZ-ee-ah :)

charlotte said...

congratulations to little keziah!
may the Lord grant your family much joy, laughter and patience with this new gift! how sweet.

Holly said...

What a gorgeous baby! :D