Friday, June 26, 2009

Our last Graduate...

I'm really at a loss for words right now...
Can't believe all the years our kids have been schooling have come and gone...
23 years to be exact (almost 1/4 of a century!)

It JUST can't be!

And of course, any mother would say...
it just seems like yesterday...

First day of school...Proud as can be

Oh, this day is bittersweet for sure.

Though I'm so disappointed that my camera
decided to act up,
and I don't have much for pictures to show for the
excitement of the day
I'm so proud of our boy...ooops...young man!!

Can't believe our "baby" *shhhh* just graduated!

I need to go cry now


Warren said...

I think we're all pretty proud of him. Love the pic of him on the bike.


Hi Sara, I know how you feel ... this month has been loaded with celebrations for us and the mounting of emotions is almost more than we can bear. As far as grade 12 grad, although we're just at the beginning stage of this process, it's only a matter of 6 more years for our "baby" ... so our other 3 kids will graduate within the next 6 years! Scary thought!

Congratulaions Dustin! It certainly is a proud moment and a milestone in life. So what's next for you?