Sunday, September 12, 2010

One of those better mistakes ..

So, I should know better than to try making salsa late in the day,
especially when the evening agenda includes heading off to a meeting,
and more so when I can't decide which recipe to choose and
so, we make up two different batches.

But hey...I had helpers :) and so we took it on!

While my sister and I chopped away for the cooked versions...

a very capable young man whipped up a batch of fresh salsa
to be enjoyed post haste!

It was delicious and we were quite pleased to have some to tuck away in the fridge. here's what led to my big blunder:
  • fresh salsa mixed & sampled - yummmmmm, so I already said that
  • first recipe - cooked and nicely packed into jars
  • second batch...hmmm...ready to cook just before I have to leave for said meeting
  • I re-read the recipe which says cook for several hours so I figure I'll leave it cooking while I'm away...ONLY because I have a helper staying behind who agrees to stir once in a while
  • sitting in the meeting I realize it should only be simmering during this time and at my first opportunity I'll call and have it turned down .... WHICH ..... I promptly forget when we take our break
  • meanwhile, my poor helper hardly gets time for leisure and feels quite obligated to watch this cooking pot rather closely
  • I get a call a couple of hours later which went something like this, "Uhm, there's not much left of this salsa!" "It's pretty much cooked out - what do you want me to do with it?"
  • I RUSH home and sadly look into the pot which was uhm, let's say, well reduced
  • positive note - this sure smells and tastes like fantastic tomato paste!!
  • solution - mix in the remaining fresh salsa, bring to boil/simmer for just 10 minutes and jar it
The RESULT: the most fantastic tasting salsa ever, EVER!!! I'm not kidding - I quickly jotted down what I did wrong differently and next year I will be making what I call "Sara's Screw-up Salsa"

What I plan to do different:
~ simmer half the batch for about an hour until it's reduced,
~ add the fresh salsa and simmer 10-15 minutes more and jar it!

Oh, and even better ... I saved on adding tomato paste - didn't need it! Duh!

Rave Reviews! more very important thing I learned...

You see those tiny beautiful lime green peppers?
habaneros to be exact
WELL ... they shall now be my favourite hot pepper to use
even if they are hotter than ever,
because even through the heat, you can still enjoy all the other flavours
and the heat doesn't linger on forever as with "other" hot peppers.

Ok...that's all for my lesson this week! Hope you had a great one :)


Chris and Nettie Pauls said...

I am glad the salsa turned out so well!! It is such a blessing when things that went wrong turn out great!!

Monika Thiessen said...

Habaneros have been my pepper of choice for a few years, but I can't always find them.
Glad your salsa worked out. Hopefully you got a few more jars than what you showed us :)

The Thiessens said...

Monika...had never tried habaneros before and we grew these unwittingly. They were part of a "variety pack" of unnamed hot pepper plants Les picked up...glad he did!
Oh, and the VERY few jars I gleaned will be hidden deep in my pantry ;) Just kidding...I'm not expecting them to last long.

Anonymous said...

That's so hilarious, Sara! You realize that most discoveries happen just like that, by "mistake" ... good job on the newfound recipe :)

Anneliese said...

Well, this soudns like a nice mistake! So glad it all worked out in the end! Nice to have such a concientious helper.