Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How many people read this trivia

Watching paint dry is considered to be one of the most boring things possible but people get pretty excited about paint colours. There must be more interesting things.

This renovating thing has gone a little over board too. Our house seems to be in a shambles because of it and now at work we are experiencing the same thing. We plan to move the Co-op offices to a new location in the same building. Right now our office looks like we have been bombed. All the interior doors and windows have been removed and it looks pretty bad. Because the door into the grocery store has been removed we also get a cold breeze from the dairy cooler.

Enough complaining I have to go and study. I'm teaching a Bible class tomorrow on I Chronicles. I have been teaching Old Testament Survey since September. I lost a student just before Christmas when Beth went to Austria.

Rowan came over for supper while Keith took Stacey out for supper. We had a great time and Rowan discovered that he really likes raisins.

That's all for now



ken said...

I have too agree that renos seem to consume to much of our time. Once we use three word phrases, that conjure up a hunger for garden salad, to talk about a red paint; I cant help but wonder if we have got to much time on our hands!
Now if you want to talk about this Sundays SUPERBOWL GAME: you have my complete attention!!

Warren & Liane Thiessen said...

Hey, I hear you about the renovations...I can't think properly if our house gets too messy...I bet being in a war zone at work, and then coming home to another one could be a little difficult. If there's something I can help with, give me a call.

- Warren

Harvey Thiessen said...

Now that you brought up the topic, Ken...I got it arranged that we are going to see the game in church (with testimonies from Hasselbeck - on DVD). We have a huge blank wall (20ft) that we are going to project the game onto. That, with the sound system....
Coming over?

Dave said...

Hey, this is starting to look like a man party. Les, there must be something about ongoing renovations you can tie into your lesson and then perhaps get the group to do some hands on experience, while you are watching the Super bowl. Just trying to make the most efficient use of your time; not mine. Hibernation suits me just fine for now.