Friday, January 5, 2007

The First Post....

So, the kids decided we needed to have a blog, even if only to post pictures; so here it is. Now, since we haven't learned how to navigate this thing 100%, they also got us started with this post. Hopefully we'll be able to keep it up.

Our growing family consists of Dad, Mom, Warren (& Liane), Stacey (& Keith), Ashleigh, Heather (& Bruce), Dustin, and Rowan (Keith & Stacey's son, t
he first grandchild). Here's a little preview:

Grandpa & Rowan

Grandma & Rowan

Warren & Liane

Keith & Stacey

Mom, Dad, & Ashleigh - it was a VERY windy day in SK!

Bruce & Heather

Dustin (the pro drummer)

Rowan & Monkey - his very special buddy.
Rowan just loved the snow.


Sheila said...

Welcome to the world of blogging Grams and Gramps!:):)

anita said...

wonderful pictures!

Harvey Thiessen said...

Congrats on being up with the times. Next thing you know you will be posting viedos on youtube.