Tuesday, May 8, 2007

All the Goings On

Lots been happening, other than renos :) Don't worry, we'll get to that soon.
It's kinda nice to have a big empty room for Rowan to play - for now.

Heather has been over a lot lately trying to get her diapers done. She's pretty good on the old pedal too! I wouldn't have thought she would be the one to enjoy sewing so much. Wish I had a picture of the rag quilts she's made - amazing! Those are some fancy diapers Heath!

It was nice to have Keith's family out for the weekend. They all came over on Saturday for Keith's birthday. Enjoyed a BBQ even though it was raining outside. Happy 24th Keith!!!

Rowan and his little buddy Ashton arriving for Uncle Keith's birthday.

He loves his auntie & uncle "Booce" (among others)

Warren and Liane came for supper on Friday (another rainy day)....we were highly entertained by Dad showing Liane how he makes paper airplanes (that fly :). She started it!

Look at the detail on Liane's wings.

And now for the test flight...I won't say who won :)

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