Monday, May 14, 2007

A Memorable Weekend! WARNING - long post!!!

Where to start? Ok..let's go with...
- Les reminded me when he came home from work that we had tickets for the Palliative care fundraising concert that night, which he was now unable to attend since our shingling got re-scheduled to this weekend. I really was tired and tempted to not go, but decided to call Liane to see if she would accompany me. Thankfully she said yes - it was definitely worth the effort. The Dingleberries were the first act. I enjoy listening to their music - they are very talented musicians, for which I have a great appreciation. I can listen to almost anything when I recognize talent. The 2nd act...oh my, if any of you out there have not seen Elvis impersonator Corny Rempel - he is hilarious!!! Besides doing a great job impersonating 'the King', my goodness was he funny!!! At one point he walked into the audience and it didn't take long to realize he was heading towards us (Liane was in the aisle seat :)...and sure enough - he stopped right by Liane and started wooing her. I was laughing so hard and all the while trying to get the camera phone to work. Well, I couldn't figure it out on time and he moved on - would have been fun to capture Liane's look of "please don't stop, not...oy vay!!" We laughed for most of our walk home and I still giggled later as I was drifting off to sleep. Sorry you missed out Les! For those who were there, you'll know why I'm thinking of enrolling in Spanish classes, hehe :)

SATURDAY - Shingling Day
Les was up bright & early banging on the roof, so I got a good start on lunch for
the guys. Stacey brought over a yummy rhubarb cake for coffee break. Dustin had some fine tunes blasting from his car stereo, and I got to play with Rowan in between preparing food (which the girls helped with...thanks so much). Thanks big time to Glen, Warren, Bruce, Keith, Mike and Dustin for their hard work. Here are a few photos of the fun.After shingling Les and I went to participate in the Palliative Care Sunset Hike. Les volunteered to BBQ for all the walkers and afterwards we 'hiked' through the Parkland area. We were given a bag and a candle as we registered, to create a luminary to light and carry as we walked (they actually had a craft table set up with markers, paper, glue, etc). I hadn't expected that... but as I sat down to create this 'memory' luminary I was overcome reflecting on what Mom T. meant and I just sat there for a long time thinking of her. I do hope this event catches on in the years to come as I think it was very special. Anyways, here's my luminary...was the best I could do without forethought.

SUNDAY - Mother's Day -
Happy...and Sad!
After Church Les and Dustin made lunch - Les wanted to go out but I just wanted to be at home. For some reason I was
feeling kinda down (don't know why but Mother's Day often makes me reflect on how I wish I had done some things different) and so when Les went for a little nap I went to visit my mom, whom I'm so thankful to still have around. I couldn't help but think, sadly, of how busy my life is and how little time I spend with my mom, and how I wish my mother-in-law were still here. I know we can't turn back the clock, but some days I long for just that one wish. Anyway, I was glad to find Mom sitting alone on her porch swing reading a book, which she loves to do :) We had a nice long visit, just she and I, which was very special. I pray God will give me more times like these.
I headed home about 5:20 where a wonderful supper was waiting for me...this was my special gift from my girls. They schemed to make me supper since I told them they weren't supposed to buy me anything...they didn't really listen, did they!? Well, it was soooo delicious - enchiladas, herbed rice, nachos & salsa, yummy salad and something chocolate for dessert - does it get any better? Oh does...the guys did all the clean-up :) I AM SOOO BLESSED!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! :)



Sheila said...

Wow! I can only hope that my boys will remember me on Mothers day years from now!

Corny Rempel said...

I'm so happy to hear that you had fun at my show. I love doing what I do and to hear such lovely comments from someone who doesn't know I'm going to read it is truly a blessing to me. You have an awesome family. May God continue to bless you as he already has.
"Mi pantelones cortos son torcedos!" (My short pants are twisted)
Corny Rempel

Brenda T said...

Hey, Great pics! What a weekend! Our house really needs re-shingling -- anyone want to come out and help us??? I wanted to comment on the Little Drummer Boy post but wasn't allowed to. That was awesome!!

The Thiessens said...

Hmmm..wonder what's up with the commenting thing. I'll have to check into that.
Would love to come your way Brenda - I'll help with the snacks and the guys can do the up-too-high-on-the-roof stuff :)
When we shingled our house I was brave enough to bring them refreshments up on the roof - but needed much encouragement/coaching to get back down. I was 'freaked'!!

Brenda T said...

Thanks, Sara -- we'll look forward to that! :)