Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The 'BIG' Trip (**Correction - Lynn Canyon not Jessica Bay - read on )

Well, thought maybe it was time to post a little something about our trip, short as it was.
We left a few days later than planned since we weren't going to leave before Stacey had her baby, which we expected any day. It also meant we didn't travel together with Glen & Anna which would have been fun for the boys, but we had a good time anyway.

The drive to BC was good - only a couple of white-knuckled moments in the mountains when either a transport or one of the hundreds of massive campers veered slightly onto our side of the yellow line - YIKES! I could do without that, thanks anyway!

You know, God really does care about the little things because I still hadn't found an outfit for Nate & Kate's wedding before we left and my wonderful sister said to me, "Don't worry, I know just where to take you when you get here."...which she did, and we did - find something that is! We arrived at her home Thursday night, Friday we shopped, and Saturday morning was the wedding - how's that for nip 'n tuck? Thanks Susanne, and thanks for letting us crash at your place!! Sorry we didn't have a lot of time to visit - next time ok.

The wedding was beautiful as we knew it would be. If you want to check out some great pictures, Rosie (our niece) did a super job of capturing the day - check it out here.

The lovely Katie and Nathan - now one

Katie and bridesmaids - Kathryn (in the middle)
designed and sewed all the dresses, including the bridal gown!!
Got talent?!!!

One little boy patiently waiting for the reception,
which was a few hours after the wedding.

Darren & Chelsea - not sure what's up with the 'look' - Oh,
I know, he's missing his shades! :)

Sunday we spent at Hatzik Lake where the kids enjoyed cooling off in the water and shooting some pool in the cabin. We actually discovered a couple of the boys really had a nack for kneeboarding, while others had a nack for wiping out!!

Way to go Mattie!!!

Rosie contemplating tipping the guys out of the paddleboat!

Weren't we surprised to see this thing come cruisin' down the lane? I mean lake!!! How cool is that!

Bob topped off a great day by cooking up some pretty fantastic salmon over the fire (seasonings courtesy of Monika :) Thanks again guys!
We decided to stay an extra day and join the rest of the gang for a trip up to Grouse Mountain. Along the way we did a little hiking at Jessica Bay which was really beautiful - reminded me of some hiking Stacey and I did in Germany. You know I didn't realize I would get queezy walking across the suspension bridge, but Monika did her best to get it to sway just right :)
Things got a little tense for a bit when we couldn't find one of the boys - we were all a little shaken but so thankful God protected him - he had continued down the trail while the rest of us turned to go back.

I actually enjoyed the tram ride to the top of Grouse mountain - wasn't so sure when I saw how many people they packed into one trip, but we did ok! While up there we took in a logging show which was hilarious and I went on my first ever chair/ski lift, which again had me a little nervous - hey, no laughing! I did manage to get a nasty headache though, not sure if it was from the heat or the altitude (or combo) since I rarely get headaches. We decided to head back down then, but little did we know it would take us another hour - the lineup was CRAZY! At that point I could have cried - since my head hurt anyway - but, there are no other options for getting down the mountain unless you want to hike it!! Uhmmm, no thanks, I'll wait it out. Thankfully we met an interesting fellow in the lineup which not only helped to pass the time, but took my mind off the throbbing somewhat.

The cousins enjoying their ride. They didn't have to worry
about hanging onto their flip-flops.... as I did. Hehe.

From there it was on to Edmonton to spent a little time (very little sadly) with my family. We arrived there at 7:30 Tuesday evening, just in time to join in on the backyard surprise party the girls were having for my sister Betty's 50th. They went to a lot of trouble to make the evening special and even treated us all to a pedicure!! What a great way to end a day of driving. Thanks girls!!!

Helen, Betty, Lori
and Lisa

Betty getting some extra 'special' treatment - she couldn't stop giggling - wonder why??

Wednesday we managed a little shopping at Ikea and then made our way to Ron & Betty's where we enjoyed a delicious steak & chicken BBQ - hats off to the cook(s)!!

John being goofy!

Ryan stopped being goofy long enough to actually get 'snapped'!

So that's it - short, but sweet! It was really great seeing everyone - we saved a little for "next time"


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great time! I'm glad things worked out so well with your trip, including your dress for the wedding ... but not the nasty headache -- that's enough to ruin a whole day. Great pictures, Sara (BTW I checked out Rosie's pics from the wedding -- gorgeous!) Hey, thanks for your comments on our Blog -- Jordan says 'thanks.'


Monika said...

The place we stopped for the hike was Lynn Canyon. Nice to see some of the pictures. It was a good few days. Hectic, but good. Next time I hope to have only one family at a time, or maybe when there isn't a wedding to make time an issue.

Andrea said...

Sounds like you had fun!! :) I love the wedding pictures always make me happy!! :)