Thursday, August 16, 2007


I'm going to try doing a throwback post. I was inspired when I read fellow blogger Gina's post about camping.

We don't do a lot of camping, but in the past tried to go twice during the summer. When our kids were younger and doing paper routes, we used to go camping to Stanley Park, which is only about 15 miles (guessing) from us. Not too exotic I know, but it was good for us. We'd try to camp during the week so it would be quiet at Stanley, but also because we'd head back home in the morning to get the papers done, pick up some fresh food, grab a quick shower and be back camping by lunch - it was great!! Most times we'd be the only people in the park and had a blast hiking and having water fights by the pump (apparently that's not allowed any more).
One of the best memories we have of those 'good old days' was the fact that because we only had one vehicle and it was NOT a camper, the kids would all bike there, with their dad, and I'd get to drive the vehicle loaded down with all our tents and mega other gear. Occasionally Mike & Renee and their family would join us so their kids would bike as well. We'd have our own little tent village by the time all the tents and the dining shelter were set up - great memory-making stuff!!
The last time we camped together as a family, and with our friends, was two weeks before Stacey's wedding - I think we're due!!!
I had to scan these pictures since they're before our digital camera days...sadly I couldn't find a lot of our earlier pictures.

Stacey, Nat and Warren setting up one of the many tents.

Warren, Nat, Beth, Heather, Stacey & Tim at one of our earlier outings.

Renee finding a quick solution to 'bed head' :)

Hey, that is fun!!!

Dustin helping out with the breakfast cleanup

Heather always found innovative ways to do things!

Les decided he would supervise the cutting from the
comfy reclining chair

These two couldn't wait to give it a try

Stacey & Heather hauling in a BIG one by moonlight.
Go Girls!!!

Fetching some water for Mom - or is he?

What we were all waiting for - a drenching war...
this is where you learn to sprint!

Hmmm - not sure what to call this!


Gina said...

Oh, so fun! I love all the old photo's.
About your question, we are on 9th, I will have to stop by one time...
Have a good weekend!

HeinrichIrene said...

Warren had blonde (long!) Hair????
I hope someday we will have pictures like yours from our family. Thankz for sharing.


Gina said...

Some of our old camping pictures are our family's most treasured. Thank you for the reminder to squeeze in a lot of camp time with my kids!