Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Birthday time again!!

I know it's been a while. I've had so much on my mind lately that I haven't been able to even think about blogging! I've also been wrestling with some health issues that have been a bit draining (ok, more than a bit), but I'll maybe get into that in a later post.

This time of year sets off a whole 'wack' of birthdays in the Thiessen family. Just celebrated mine, won't say which one, but it's always the point where I know that four of my kids' birthdays will follow shortly (3 actual plus our daughter-in-law). Anyone who knows our family well knows we used to jokingly tell our kids they could not marry someone who had a birthday in December. This indoctrination began quite early (just kidding). One of the first questions we could hardly wait to ask our kids when they started dating was when their "friend's" birthday was. Too funny. Anyway, our son did marry a December-birthday girl and that's more than ok with us since she's a gem, and...it gives us another occasion to get together, which I love more than anything. Did I happen to mention they're also going to have a little one in December - can't wait!
So, today is Stacey's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACEY! As part of my gift to our kids I cook them their favorite meal, which can get interesting, although some are very predictable by now. I'm waiting to hear what Stacey will choose. She and Keith have been away visiting his family so I haven't been able to ask her yet.
It's also another special person's birthday - 24 years ago Stacey arrived earlier than expected -but just on time to help us celebrate Dad T's birthday - so Happy 79th Dad!!!

Here they are, Stacey with her grandpa, almost 23 years ago

Dad's still whistling tunes

So...I just counted the family birthdays for November and December -
22! plus the little muffin! Hope I didn't forget anyone this time :)

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Andrea said...

wow..22 birthday!! Better get ready to do a lot of shopping and cooking! haha :) Happy Birthday Stacey!