Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Oh my goodness it's cold outside. Looks like this will be a great day for some baking. The mercury plummeted from -6 celcius yesterday to -21 today. Time to get out the long johns I say!! I really don't handle the cold weather too well, just want to stay inside and curl up with a cozy blanket and a cup of tea. Hmmm, speaking of tea, I need to go make some...

Alright, now that I'm set I have a bone to pick.

I mentioned it was only -6 outside yesterday, but the humidity was high and the cold still chilled through to the bones. I had to go to the store to buy some envelopes and what I saw there just broke my heart. A few people ahead of me at the checkout was a mother packing up her purchases getting ready to head outdoors. Her little boy, no more than a year old, was sitting in the cart playing with his mommy's hat, pulling it on and off of his head. I smiled as I watched him - he was simply adorable. Anyway, I watched and waited for her to put on her baby's parka and mitties - but she didn't!! No mitties, no parka, just a fleece (like a hoodie, but no hood) and a loose hat, which was NOT his mommies, that would have blown away in the wind. Did I mention it was windy? I wanted to run after her and ask her if she didn't have anything warm for her baby, but I didn't. My smiles quickly faded and I felt sick as I watched her go out into the cold with the little one holding on to the cold metal cart. I mean, she had plenty in her cart and they weren't groceries, couldn't she afford a pair of mitties? Even the cheap $1.99 version would have been better than nothing at all. I don't know, maybe she had a parka and mitts in her car - I hope so. What if she had vehicle trouble and had to walk with that little one? What are people thinking - - or don't they!!

Now, my son rides his bike to school year round - unless it's very cold outside. But, he's old enough to understand what cold is and does, and to decide for himself if he wants to be cold or not. In fact, after I dropped him off at school this morning (he couldn't find his warmer gloves), I watched one of his classmates walking to school with a short blazer-type jacket, nothing on her head and no gloves. She must have been so cold. I knew there was means for her to have these items if she wanted them - she was making her own statement. The little boy in the cart, however, depended on his mommy to keep him warm and safe.

If you've got little ones, please make sure they're protected from the cold. Better still, if you don't have to go out with them when it's bitter outside, don't! I know there are families out there who can't afford to dress their children warmly, and I pray that those around them who notice will do what they can to help and not just watch.


Gina said...

Good post so true. It's amazing what you see hey?! I bet the mom was all bundled up in a warm parka... Poor little guy.

Melanie said...

Oh man! It's often what I feel like I'm doing to my baby! Kenna pulls everything off as quickly as I put it on her and it just makes me shiver with how this winter will go! I sure hope that Mommy will bundle up her little one better from now on!

Jobina said...

Amen!This is such a hard lesson to learn, that our children are sooo dependent on us. My big thing I need to put together, and never have (yikes) is a winter kit for in the car. With all the traveling we do with our kids, it really should be a must!

Travis or P.T. said...

Wow, that is cold and I do feel so sorry for the kids of parents like that who don't think or who don't care. Poor little fella!

p.s. Thanks for the comment on my blog.