Sunday, January 27, 2008

Afternoon in the valley...

This afternoon Glen & Anna invited us to join them
at their cabin in the back 40
for some tobogganing and 'fresh air' hiking.
It was a gorgeous day so we figured we were up for it.
Since the cabin isn't accessible by road in the winter,
you have to park on the road and hike in.
Although it was nothing like the first year when we
in snow up to our hips, it was still a good work-out..
(work-out does NOT sufficienty describe what we did)

I think I scared away all the wildlife with my
huffing and puffing...and grunting..
oh, but it felt good....eventually :)

not sure we should go that way dear

it'll be a while before we enjoy sitting at
this table again

the boys in tow back to the top

taking a break...

or stock-piling ammo??!

nice slide Dust (sorry...what is that called?)

ummm...maybe in a few months we'll try this one...
after I'm in shape

our view from the cabin as we enjoyed some
sloppy joes & grilled cheese with the hot iron...
beautiful way to end a wonderful day.

Thanks guys for the invite!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara! How's it going? Nice pics from the valley - looks like it was a fun time with the added benefit of physical exercise. :)

Today we had incredible wind in our area - started in the night last night. We lost a bit of siding and a few shingles and a couple other things dismantled or re-arranged; no fallen trees on our yard, tho. In Crystal Beach along Lake Erie a few houses were flooded or nearly flooded. One house shown on TV had their front window broken and their living room filled with 2 feet of ice from the lake.
School buses were canceled, but not school. I brought Jordan and Melissa to school but there were very few students there.

Sonja is enjoying her time in Ottawa & Rachelle is enjoying the week off - exams are done.

Anyway ... hope you're all doing great! Take care!


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