Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Food to warm the soul...

Lately I've been in a slump as far as feeling
like I've accomplished much of anything.
Yesterday was my day off and often I just feel like vegging...
however, this turned out to be an energy-burst kind of day.
Actually... as I was lying in bed contemplating what
the day would look like and thinking how wonderful
it would feel to sleep in,
I suddenly remembered I had made a haircut appointment..
... in 20 mins!
Up I jump and fly into the shower... don't know about you,
but I don't like to leave the house before I'm feeling fresh and clean!!
Funny how quickly I can get ready if I have to!!

While out I managed to get one other thing
checked off my "To Do" list - felt good!
Came home for what I thought would be a short while
before heading out to do a few more errands... and then...
I got the urge...no DESIRE...to make something special for supper.
Now, I don't mind cooking usually, but coming up with the menu is
always the challenge.

I decided on Italian sweet and sour sausage... it's one of our favorites
and I love making it because it's so simple!
Bonus... makes the house smell like you've slaved all day!

This is all you need..
(farmer sausage, Italian-style tomatoes and tomato sauce,
vinegar and brown sugar)

With that taken care of and some extra time on my hands
I decided to try my hand at making... PRETZELS!!
Might not sound like a big deal to you,
but ever since I experienced REAL german pretzels
I've been on the hunt for a good clone.
I think this recipe comes close....and yes, I want to share!

These were absoloutely yummy and the texture
was so close to what I remember...
just need to make them bigger next time!
The three of us ate every last one of them at dinner...
The recipe? it's a keeper and I'll share it in the next couple of days.
What's cookin' at your house??


Gina said...

I totally know what you mean about being in a slump... I think it is the weather.
Those pretzels look yummy, can't wait till you post the recipe. And could ya post the exact recipe for the Italian S n S sausage as well? I am always looking for new sausage recipes...

Sara said...

~ Gina
Yes...I was planning on posting them both - hopefully tomorrow.
Wasn't sure if anyone read this anymore :)

Melanie said...

I read it. Too bad Walter doesn't like sausage - that S & S sauce looks tasty!