Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reno Update

Well, I know many of you have been patiently waiting for some
word on how our renos are coming along. It's been a long,
slow process - for a long time our attention was needed elsewhere
...on things that were much more important than two-by-fours,
bathroom fixtures and paint colours...

BUT ..
we're finally back at it!

So...where are we now???

- the bathroom is waiting for tiles and the final plumber visit
(Dustin has been using the shower although there is no door)

- some finishing work to do on the mudding throughout kit/DR

- the old ceiling has to be fixed and spiffied up for the texturing
(remember the old 'stipple' - that came off)

...then I can paint...the colours are waiting! YAYYY

- we took the plunge and tore out the old cupboards this week
even though the new ones aren't ready until September..
.. so I'll be learning to live with minimal dishes/accessories
and washing all the dishes by hand (no dishwasher after today)

getting ready to remove the old cupboards

temporary new location for a few of them

our "new" diningroom for the next several weeks

- we finally accepted the fact that there will be too many issues in
repairing the old floor and so the decision has been made to
tear out only one layer of subfloor (there are two, and who knows
how many floors have been put into this house over the years)'s a little hint

all these layers of flooring were underneath
our cupboards (5 visible)

anyway...that's all I can share for now
gotta go help do some demolition since dh's back is
not doing good - SCARY!!!


Gina said...

Looks like lots of fun! I can sympathize with you living through all these reno's as I did it too, in 2 houses, and I was sooo thankful when we were done! It's sure interesting to see all the flooring that was in the house before though hey?! Can't wait to see the finished product!


Wow, the fun and challenges of renos! Way to go! Actually I'm not sure if it looks like fun, but it certainly gets you in motion anyway :) Once you start there's no stopping, right?! We wish you all the best and that things will go smoothly for you.

By the way, happy belated 1st birthday to Bria!! She really is a sweetie.


Lovella said...

Sara, I am laughing at this one. . .I think our tiles underneath and floor number two that was above that was just exactly the same. . .renos are quite the job, we did it in our bungalow, and survived. . just barely. My kitchen was a campstove in the laundry room. .