Saturday, November 8, 2008

Check this out

Since I've been at a loss for words for a new post, or maybe I should say a loss for 'time' to post, thought I'd highlight what my daughter and her friend are up to.
Stacey and Andrea have recently launched an all-Canadian review blog called "Glimpse". Interesting that they picked that name, not at all thinking about my blog name...but I'm good with worries.
Anyway, you need to go check out some of the products they've reviewed. The latest, which I am very interested in is Dream Pearl Soap. It's an environmentally friendly all-purpose, get-out-pretty-much-anything kinda cleaner, and it's not toxic! I can go for that!!
So, you may want to head on over 'cause she's givin' some away.


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, whatever happened to your pampered chef giveaways?

Anonymous said...

lol, i was wondering the same!!

Andrea said...

Hey! Thanks for the little post about our blog. :) And I know...I'd love to try that Dream Pearl Soap too! Too bad I can't enter...oh well. ;)

The Thiessens said...

Dear Anonymous(es)~ keep watching ...Christmas is coming! :)

If you've been following my blog at all, or know'll know I've had some very worthy preoccupations, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten.