Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Help, I'm drowning!

My work banquet is coming up and I just can't seem to pin down what to wear.
We have been having 'theme' banquets for the past few years and
each new year seems to be getting more extravagant
than the previous one.
This year....we're going on a 'cruise'!

Apparently will have "hosts" with assigned seating, etc.
Not sure if I like that idea, but worse...I don't know what to wear!
I don't own any formal attire, and frankly, it's just not ME.
The only pictures I've seen of cruises, everyone is dressed to the 9's.

Any suggestions people? This is one issue that would cause me
not to show up.....seriously!
I'm sure it will be loads of fun, but the stress of figuring out what to wear,
or even finding more than I need right now.

Honestly, I'd be more comfortable with this...

....well, maybe

Goodness...where's Ginger when I need her?!


Bruce and Heather said...

Well, if you figure it out, maybe you can come help me. As it is now I'll be wearing jeans, unless I can find myself some shoes other than runners.

Bruce and Heather said...

Of course Bruce's banquet won't be quite as formal as yours, but still, I don't think jeans quite cut it. said...

Going on a cruise eh, well, how about a bikini!
I'm thinking something summery.
Are you really supposed to dress as though you are on a cruise? I've never actually been on one of those, so I can't really help you out. Why don't you ask Monica. They were on a cruise 2 years ago.

Lovella said...

Well, I haven't been on a cruise either but have heard it's pretty lah de dah. Do you think you could borrow something?
If not, how about a really nice pair of black slacks with heels and a pretty top, something glitzy. Black slacks are generally very usuable in a wardroble anyways, so you don't need to feel any guilt in that purchase if you don't have any and a glitzy top can be found pretty inexpensive. The heels are a must though, you can't pull it off to be really dressy without the heels.
Well, you did ask. . .snicker.

The Thiessens said...

Lovella...was thinking something along those lines and it is time for some fresh black slacks.
I hear you about the heels...will platforms do? I am shoe challenged!!

Monika Thiessen said...

If I hear cruise attire I think of formal. But there are only 1 or 2 formal nights on a cruise. The rest of the time it is semi-formal. Dresses, skirts, dressy pants are fine. And, yes, there is a lot of glitz. Wear something glitzy and you'll be fine.

Sara said...

Hello, I just came over curious to see who the other Sara is on Lovella's comments page...I see you are having a fashion dilemma. I would agree that nice black slacks and high heels and a bit of glitz would be perfect. That is what I would do too. Great advice from Lovella!

I bet you are not the only one who is wondering what to wear.

It's good to "meet" another Sara.

Larissa Joy said...

you could just dress like a tourist. and that boat suit could be just fine, cause maybe that is an excursion! Really, you can wear anything on a cruise, cause you could really be anywhere or doing anything! (this is what I learned in school! haha)

The Thiessens said...

well..thanks for all the affirmation!
I did find me a nice little glitzy black top and my 'old' black slacks were just as sharp as ever with a good steam press :) And...yes, there were some lovely dresses!

Sara~ nice to meet you too...I'll be stopping by.

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