Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Time!

Ok....sorry for making you wait, but we
were having such a wonderful Christmas Eve,
which we didn't want to end....

Sooo...I decided to make the draw this morning.

One little helper was more than eager to assist,
so, you all have him to thank!!

The first winner is... drum roll please

isn't my little helper just too cute..
don't mind he's still in his pj's
Oh right...he says pj's are too hot!
(sorry, he's not available!!!!)

Ok...on with it - the first winner is...

LINDSEY!'ve won the rice cooker, which will be hand delivered
to you this week, since I happen to know some very special
people who are coming up your way today!!
(but you can't keep them either)

And...our next winner will be...


AND... since this was so much fun,
I decided to draw one more name...



Diana and Brenda, you've both won a cookbook
and some PC tools, which includes
a mini spatula and mini whipper and either
a silicone basting brush or a skinny scraper
Contact me with your choices and I'll get those out to you.
(email address is in my profile)

So, thanks to everyone who entered my contest...I think I'll
have to do this again!
I enjoyed hearing about your brunch favourites and
look forward to telling you what we actually had!


Lindsey Dueck said...

thank you so much!! But can't i at least keep the kids?? LOL! I have been crazy lucky lately! And I love pampered chef stuff! Thanks again!

The Thiessens said...

You are welcome Lindsey.
~ Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

...yes, thanks for the giveaways, Sara!! :)