Monday, January 5, 2009

All things good

This post is a little late in coming since we had guests and blogging
wasn't a understand I'm sure.

Hard to believe Christmas is now past and other than having eaten
way too much good food, we're trying to get back into a routine....
like going to bed at a decent hour again :)
Our house guests have all come and gone... everyone arrived back
to their homes safe and sound. Thank you Lord for journey mercies!!

We tried something new this year... the kids stayed overnight Christmas Eve
(we found room for everyone), and so far the reviews are good!
The babies went down without complaint while the "bigger boys"
decided to make the fun last until well into Christmas morning.

It was fun waking to the sound of happy little ones and
watching them wander around in their pj's, excited to be
at Nana & Papa's
surrounded by aunties and uncles, getting their fill of all things good.

Christmas morning brunch was definitely a hit, although
the wonderful smells made it difficult for some of us to wait
until all the goodness was ready!
Liane surprised us with her bruschetta

(here's the recipe)...
and, I almost didn't serve the cranberry scones I made since
they took longer to bake than I realized...but oh my
they were worth waiting for! I'll share that recipe soon.

We enjoyed the various gatherings and visits from out-of-town
friends and family members...played a few new games,
and discovered that
watching men do hula hoops is very therapeutic!

Seriously, it was good to see some faces we rarely get to see,
to meet the newest and cutest little grand niece,
and to witness the work of God's hand in people's lives.

Thank you God for blessings more than we deserve, and for allowing
us to see just a glimpse of your handiwork and answers to
the littlest and greatest of prayers :) Thank you for hope!

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed 2009!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great family Christmas...thanks for sharing!


Larissa Joy said...

I love Ahsley's blond hair!