Friday, May 1, 2009

I got explaining to do! *Updated*

I know, I know...haven't been very consistent with this blogging thing.

I have too many excuses...and often can't think what to blog about.

But I ask you... If you had so many little happy feet living close by...
how much blogging would you get done...or anything else for that matter!

For instance...

This little sweetheart got to sleep over at Nana & Papa's
while mommy & daddy
were away "bringing home a little sister"
This is how she wakes up...if that isn't worth some squeezin'
I just don't know...

Oh yes, she also likes to get dressed "by self gamma!"

AND...this little girl

She comes by her beautiful red hair honestly

She is the funniest, sweetest little thing
with one pair of very 'swift' feet...
"are you watching Papa?"

This was her reaction when we looked at her in
disbelief after she scooted quickly onto a bar stool.

It reminded me of her mama (at age 2 1/2)
scooting up a ladder so fast it took my breath away...
don't want to think about it!


as mommy & daddy used to refer to her

She just keeps coming up with
more and more things on her list of things to
accomplish before the age of... one-and-a-half! :)

Oh yes, she knows what she wants...
Did I mention... adorable??

AND...even more reasons..

At only 2 days old here, this little girlie
has stolen a few hearts already, especially that of her "big" cousin.
He has learned to evade the camera lens,
but didn't seem to mind posing next to her!

He loves to come visit us, and each time
is a new chance for some fun and excitement
(and some pretty funny stories to boot!)

He races cars and plays some mean drums, but
also has a real soft heart
when it comes
to all his "little sisters" as he likes to think of them :)

So...hope you'll keep checking here every once in a while.

The dust bunnies may be getting their way for now,
but we're busy with more important things!


Liane said...

Great post Mom!

They grow up way too fast, we need to soak up every second of it!

Alyssa said...

You've got such *adorable* grandchildren!! Love those pictures and that sweet video!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that video is way too adorable ... they all are so precious!