Monday, May 11, 2009

According to one little "Man" set the scene...I come out of the bedroom and make my way to the kitchen. As I'm approaching I notice the front door is open just a crack. I stop to ponder how I managed that since I had been out back. I look down and see a little pair of dawgs (shoes) and I think, "Oh, the kids are here!"

"Hello there!" I call, thinking they've gone downstairs to play.

Next thing I see something's a little "man" crouched up against the cupboards next to the door.

The little heart-breaker jumps up and says, "I came to visit you, Nana!"

As Nana smiles with delight and reaches for an extra long, can-never-get-enough-of wonderful hug, she realizes the little man is alone. "Is Mommy coming too?"

"No, she's at home. I'll go home at supper time."

"Oh, I love it when you come visit, but did you ask Mommy... does she know you're here?"

He nods as if to say, "Of course she knows I'm here, where else would I go?"

"Do you think we should call her and let her know you're here safe?" I ask.

"No, she's busy making lunch, and she knows I'm a strong man!"

I manage to convince him that we should call, and show him how to dial the number... all the while feeling a little like a traitor, knowing what will ensue.

When Mommy answers, he happily announces, "Hi mommy, I'm at Nana's...SAFE...I'll come home at suppertime!"

He listens for a while and then his voice begins to quiver as he pleads, "Then how about I come home at lunch?"

He hands the phone to me... I reassure mommy that I will walk him home right away.

A moment later grandpa walks in the door...."Hey grampa, can you quickly play hide-and-seek with me?" They get in one round and then it's time to go.

We get outside and Nana is hoping for a nice slow walk back home, just breathing in our time together. What does he do? He joyfully hops on his bike and races down the sidewalk towards home...

"I can ride so fast, Nana!"



Lovella said...

Oh goodness. . what a little man indeed. What a precious story. .and what a delight to be in "walking" distance from your kids. .

Stacey said...

Yeah, it's great, as long as I know where he's going BEFORE he leaves our yard :) Thanks for getting him to call. We've talked about it at home, and hopefully we understand eachother now!

Anonymous said...

This Nana is green with envy:) What I wouldn't give for a quick little visit with that little 'man'. He did call me for mother's day yesterday - so special.
I enjoy the stories and photos of our grandkids on your blog.

Bruce and Heather said...

I'll have to start keeping an eye on the sidewalk across the street... I saw him biking over there the other day, and I was going to call Stacey, but he turned around right away and went home.


Sounds like lots of fun being a Grandma and having the Grandkids so close by! Those little ones just grow up too fast.