Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pulling up roots..

I LOVE SPRING and the changes that come with it...

I love getting down and dirty in my garden, when my strength allows,
pulling out weeds and prettying things up...

I love anticipating how I'll move things around for a bit more enjoyment...

I love seeing the results of hard labour, when things are growing and blooming
as they were meant to.

The sad part though is ... when you think all is lovely ..

but then you get a closer look and see the weeds...UGLY weeds!

In order to save a remnant I'll have to uproot much of this plant!

I found them elsewhere too,
creeping in between every nook & cranny,
some safely tucked under rocks ...
some posing as part of a plant (the nerve!).

Some were easy to control - others required some major digging.

It's like they sprang up overnight, and yet, I know
that's not how it happens!

Life's a little like that isn't it...

The 'weeds' can come in oh so subtly... and, given the chance to flourish,
they'll choke out the beauty that God intended to be there.

We need to be constantly keeping things in check.

I know what I'm doing today... see you outside!
That is, after I spend a little time with my gardener :)

Oh, you might be wondering how I did with the spring cleaning...
let's just say it didn't go as planned,
the weather turned nice :)

All is good!


Anonymous said...

So true, Sara. Sorry about those weeds. Your flowers look beautiful, though! You are an amazing gardener. That I will never be.


Nakia Stewart said...

I love your gargen. I want to start one in the front of my house but I've been a little lazy. But I will plant one real soon. Keep up the excellent work!

Larissa Joy said...

Those pink flowers are so pretty!
I think I need to spend a year out there to learn how to grow stuff. It seems like everybody knows how!

The Thiessens said...

Hey Larissa...we'd love to have you!
It was tough digging up that big beautiful pink patch, but I did manage to salvage some :)

Sheila said...

Yes Larissa, you should come and spend a year out here! That would be great! Your aunties would teach you all you need to know about gardening!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

We are a match: I'd much rather be working in the garden than the house, and that includes weeding too. I even bend to pull weeds in public garden spaces!

A San Diego woman bought a house, had the top 12 inches of soil removed from her back yard, then had 18" of high quality top soil delivered and spread, and then had a solid brick wall built around her garden. No weeds ever dared to invade her garden. I've added what she did to my list of what I would do if I ever became very, very rich.

The Thiessens said...

Solid brick wall huh... that would be tempting since one of the neighbours here has a lovely yellow/occasionally turning puffy white lawn - I mean the entire lawn!