Friday, May 28, 2010

You just never know

I love the sound of trickling water outside ...
mind you, not the ground-soaking, gutter-busting downpours
we've had the last couple of days!

I've been pondering how to incorporate some type
of water feature in the back yard
that would be safe for the little ones.. definitely NO ponds!

This past Mother's Day Les bought me a fountain...
which til now, has been sitting in the box.

"It's time", he said Wednesday night.
So, I assisted in the unpacking and sorting of pieces
and then ran off to pick up a few groceries.

When I returned... he had picked the perfect spot
and it was up and running! :)

(sorry about the quality, it was getting dark)

He built a little fire
and we sat and enjoyed the fruits of his hard work.

It was quiet and peaceful
and I took in as much of the "sounds" as possible
before we retired for the night.

Notice the moon peeking up over the trees?
That's something we haven't taken time for yet this spring...
duly noted!


This morning I took a quick peek out the back door to check how
the garden was fairing with all the rain.

I noticed the fountain didn't need a pump to make it overflow..

The downpours continued relentlessly and when the rains let up
for a wee bit I stepped outside for another peek....

I gasped when I saw this...

We just may have got the timing wrong after all!

Tho this does make me sad :(
I know others have had much more 'turmoil' with all this rain,
and I am so thankful we're still on dry, un-shifting ground,
the basement isn't wet,
and as far as I know...with the flying branches, falling trees,
no one here.. in sunny Manitoba.. has been hurt!!


Sheila said...

Nice fountain, but, did it break? That would be too bad if it did.
I can honestly say that we are now owners of lakeside property! Not exactly the kind of lakeside property I would wish for though. :(

The Thiessens said...

Hey Sheila...we've been meaning to come by and see how you're doing with all of this, but haven't got there...sorry.
Yes, the fountain did break somewhat but Les thinks he can fix it....very disappointing for sure! I enjoyed it all of one day.
Did your basement at least stay dry?

sheila said...

Well, if you do come bring your rubber boots. So far the basement has stayed dry, so that's something to be thankful for. I don't understand why we've been so inundated with wetness and town yards seem to be fairly dry?

The Thiessens said...

I'm guessing our yard still had the ability to soak in some wetness because there was definitely water pooled in my garden, but when the rain let up it disappeared. Not sure if it'll handle more tho! I do remember just a few years back when we had a downpour and everyone's yard around us seemed to drain into our garden...I lost a lot of perennials that year.

Anonymous said...

Sara...that is really too bad. What a lovely fountain. I am glad you haven't had worse damage, tho. Sheila, sorry about the "lake" in your yard ... I can imagine it must be so frustrating! Friends of ours in Winnipeg (OM reps) had their basement flooded (sewer back-up)... very serious damage & their basement has been condemned.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Better to know it can tumble now instead of because of a curious toddler's reaching into the water. I share your caution...and am looking at the pondless fountains as an option. Have you explored making one of those? Directions are on the internet

The Thiessens said...

Jill...yes, that is true, though we had crazy wind and lots of rain that softened the ground.
I too have looked into pondless, but they cost a pretty penny to put up. Maybe some day.