Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Little Drummer Boy

Discovered recently that "doodeez" means more than just drumsticks. "Doo" is the sound the drums make when he hits them (can't you hear it?) and "dee" is the sound of hitting the cymbals. So, when he's not actually on Dustin's drums and is air-drumming - he says, "doo-doo-dee" - I finally got it!!

If you've recently visited Stacey's blog, she wrote a bit of a tribute to the band Downhere, one our family's favorite bands. When Dustin was little we took him to a Downhere concert when they were starting out....well, he was awestruck! When we asked him whom we should havecome to our home, he said, "the drummer". We were sure he'd say "the guitarist". Well, he got both, to his delight. He never forgot that and is now a pretty fine drummer himself (yes, guitarist too!).
Now Rowan thinks Dustin is the most amazing person because he's a 'drummer'. He used to give hugs when he came in the door to visit; now he gives a big smile and says, "doodeez" (drumsticks) and quickly finds the first person who will take him downstairs to play on Dustin's drums. Nana & papa will do, but if Uncle Dustin takes him down he's in little drummer boy heaven. He's constantly drumming, even when he's at the table! Sound familiar? :)
Here's a little clip of Rowan playing along to some music (BTW it was a Downhere song that he started with, and kept going - just took us a while to get the camera).
Pretty cool for 22 months old!!

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