Friday, July 20, 2007

Celebrating the little men

Well we got to celebrate two little birthdays yesterday. Gideon turned one on the 14th and our little sunshine, Rowan, turns two today!! How time flies when you're havin' fun, right!!
Here are a few pics from the 'little' party.

Gideon seemed content to just sit in his wagon
until auntie had to snap this picture! Sorry buddy - you're just too cute!!

Rowan had a blast on this tire swing.
Papa first tried to put him on the traditional swing but he wanted
nothing to do with it (inside story here)
Then papa put him in the old tire swing and
he couldn't get enough, "High!"

Madeline just giggled with delight when it was her turn
on the swing and Mac sure seemed to enjoy being able to give her under ducks
I'm not sure who was more excited!

And cake too!!??
This was just the best day, huh Rowan?
Here's wishin' you many many more happy happy days :)

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