Saturday, July 14, 2007


Does anyone else feel summer's just cruisin' by?!! Makes me sad because it's always WAY too short and I don't feel we've been able to just relax and enjoy it yet. Les took a week of his holidays to work on the church reno project and has spent several evenings there as well. I know he enjoys it and is glad to do the work, but my selfish nature too often kicks in and I must confess I haven't always been a happy camper while he's been away....nope....I've been feeling sorry for myself and haven't always responded the way I should have, especially when I look at our 'not going anywhere' projects. If I could just clone my man!! Ok...I think it's just time for a little R&R.
This weekend was Sonshine Festival in Willmar, Minnesota, which we were so hoping to go to again this year. It's just a great weekend of kickin' back in your lawn chair and listening to as many great christian concerts as you want to take in. The lineup of bands was amazing!! But, with everything going on....yard visiting....Dad sick....BIL sick...there was just no getting away :( I guess it was good we were home though since the raspberries were ready - I absolutely LOVE raspberries and have so many yummy recipes I can't wait to make. This last year we ran out of raspberry jam and frozen raspberries (for smoothies, etc.) WAY too quickly! So, thank you God for blessing us with a good crop of berries!!!
Dad is in the hospital and is doing better - he's actually glad to be there and isn't demanding to go back home (yet ;) His pain is getting under control now. They didn't cast his leg as it would make caring for him so much more difficult that it already is. The fracture is healing well though and as long as he doesn't try anything silly, should be ok. He was real excited when my sister delivered a new scooter for him to try out while in the hospital. The scooter he has now is just too dangerous and was the cause of his fall and fracture to begin with! (long story)
I finally found some time today to go for a much needed haircut, which I had to reschedule twice already. Came home to find some old friends had dropped by so we spent the next few hours just visiting and catching up on family news. I liked the fact that they felt free to just drop in. We used to do that much more with family and friends, but somehow now we feel like we have to wait for an invitation. Bring back the good times!!!
Ok...quickly....little Selah is two weeks old already and is doing so well....Rowan is going to be turning two this week and my dearest is turning 49 (can't believe that) on Monday!!! So, all those of you who are waiting for an invitation to come by for some cake....DON'T....just stop by if you like :P
Late again! Time for bed.


melissa said...

Hi! Thanks for adding a comment, and taking time to reconnect. Would you like to get my e-mail updates/letters? I've been sending them out every 2 months, and it might increase as things move along. I'm hoping to be in Asia in mid-Feb. Anyway, if you'd be interested in praying for me, I'll send you updates. Well your blog mentioned fresh raspberries, and made me hungry! time for breakfast.

Walter & Mel said...

Oh how I know those selfish feelings. If you do figure out a way to clone your husband, could you pass on the information to me? :)