Saturday, July 7, 2007

Broken and Bruised....

Sure would appreciate some prayer for my dad. He hasn't been well for a number of years, struggling with different health issues, I think the most difficult being his diabetes and how it's affecting his legs and feet. Many would find themselves feeling queezy if they had to do his daily dressing changes, as my mom has done for a couple of years (hats off to her!)!! Thankfully he now has a home-care aide who comes and does this every day. Besides the open ulcers on the bottoms of his feet that just don't want to heal, although they have improved greatly from where they were, his legs are swollen and purple and, well, I don't know if I can adequately describe how they look.
We also just found out he has a broken fibula (from when he fell two weeks ago!!) They did take x-rays the morning he fell but for some reason no one was informed (and I'm guessing not even the doc who was attending him). Bad case of falling between the cracks?!!
He also has difficulty breathing with all the heat and humidity and has little strength to cough up all the phlegm that doesn't ease up. Two weeks ago he had some type of episode which we strongly suspect was a mild stroke. Whatever it was he felt it coming on but refused to let us take him back to the hospital. He's just so tired (literally he's exhausted) of being poked and prodded and in pain.
It's sad to watch your parents aging - to see a once-strong-once-proud man reduced to sitting all day in a motorized chair - it's sad when reality says things probably aren't going to get any better - it's sad when unnecessary pain is added to an already hard life - when dignity plays second fiddle to everyday functions - it's sad when our health care system seems insufficient (or maybe inefficient) to help those who find it difficult to help themselves - it's just plain sad!!
So, please pray for this man - for my dad. He'll always be my dad. And definitely add my mom to those prayers as this isn't easy for her to watch and deal with either. She's a much stronger woman than I think I will ever be.



Monika said...

I've been there. On July 3 it would have been 10 years that my dad was debilitated due to a stroke and my mom was there for him. First at home and then almost 7 years visiting him in a care facility (and that doesn't include the years he was home, not able to work, after his firt strokes). It is so hard to see a strong man not be able to do anything for himself. A mind that used to be almost photogenic, sometimes not even know who you are. I'll be praying for you.

The Thiessens said...

Yea...I know you've been there. I remember visiting with your dad and it seemed almost surreal when you explained what was happening with him.
Thanks for your prayers.

anita said...

unnecessary pain added to an already hard life...i couldn't have said it better myself...:(