Monday, September 17, 2007

VeggieTales and Apple Pie......

Today Rowan and I sat and watched "Lyle the Kindly Viking", the VeggieTales video about sharing. I actually needed to get lunch started and thought maybe he wouldn't mind sitting and watching this one by himself...but, it's what we do now...he suggests a movie and we get to watch together cuddled up on the couch under the same I embraced the idea once more :) It was fun watching with him and wondering what his little mind was thinking as the story played on. Was he catching on to this 'sharing' idea?
Then my thoughts turned to myself/my life and I had to ask solemnly, in what ways do I share (quietly of course, wouldn't want to startle Rowan). Do I look for opportunities in my day to 'share' something with time, resources/blessings, a cup of tea, a quiet moment? Maybe they don't have physical needs, but they're lonely or had a hard day. How often don't I carry on my daily routine as usual, just to bring me to the end of yet
one more day without a lot of thought as to how I can make someone else's day better?!! Of course as moms/wives we're always thinking about our own family...but how about someone else, someone "outside the box"? This led me to the next thought, which the video brought out (by now you're thinking you should watch the video...good idea...or watch it again if haven't recently) I share only when I have an abundance or even just enough? Am I able to think of others more highly than myself and actually give sacrificially? It sure feels great to be the recipient of such a selfless act; gotta remember to pass it on!
Who says VeggieTales are for kids? Bring on the movies Rowan!! :) the way, I read the back of the says, "sharing gets us more of what we
really want - friends!" Fancy that!

Thanks so much for the apples AF!!
These will be a blessing to share!


Ontario Thiessens said...

VeggieTales are so awesome! I certainly could learn a thing or two about sharing and reaching out to others. A person gets so caught up in their daily regiment, one has to be very deliberate in taking time out for others, such as neighbors and people who are lonely or don't know Christ. It really takes sacrifice and sometimes a lot of courage. Having said that ... that apple pie looks very yummy, Sara!


Stacey said...

Thanks for entering my contest, but don't forget to post about it!

Walter & Mel said...

Hi Sara - yes, good company indeed. The Something Digital crowd has been very welcoming to Walter and he's excited to begin next week. As for a house, we're interested in a good deal. The market is pretty high and the bank won't give us much of a mortgage. If you want to contact us via email it's walterandmel[@] By phone, we're in the book :) Thanks for your help!