Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lost in the Excitement!!

Got to drive my niece to the airport yesterday. Was hoping to take someone along for the ride and of course to take in a little shopping since I had a few "needs" to tend to as well - it's always more fun to shop with a friend! (actually for me it's more the visiting than shopping) But, gone are the days when I could just call someone on a whim and she'd be available to go. So, yes, I went alone and told myself it was (?) OK - now I could take all the time I needed to browse, try on a gazillion (that's how it feels - I really don't enjoy it) shoes or other 'things', etc., and not worry about being home by a certain time. This was going to be a 'ME' day!
Well, I hadn't been at the Mall long when I happened upon the you gotta picture it....several ladies all crowding around a clothing rack in a kids store, grabbing and throwing (yes, literally) piles of clothes into their shopping bags like price wasn't an issue.
Turns out it wasn't - the store had just decided only minutes before to clear out all their summer wear at ridiculously cheap prices!!! It was crazy - there were boxes stacked in the store and people began rummaging through them as well, which apparently was OK with the clerks. Well, I couldn't resist joining in the rush when a garage sale 'opens for business' and 15 people dash to get in the door for that one special 'treasure' a kid in a candy store a bag sale at MCC, only everything was new and cute to boot! I could hardly decide which colours, sizes, styles, etc. to pick. It was SO MUCH FUN because I didn't get there after everything was picked through....yippee!! I know a few mommies who'll be glad I happened to be in the right place at the right time.
Hmmm, now I'm not going to mention how much of my time this bargain took up - only that I guess I'll have to go again since I didn't get any of the "me" things done! Anyone interested in going for a ride??


Liane said...

Well, I'm going to the city next thursday and need someone to come along!
I had asked Stacey and Heather , but I have to be there before 9am and wasn't sure if they are up for getting up that early!
We'll see!

- Liane

Walter & Mel said...

haha! I can see a few mommies being VERY glad for your purchases! I can just picture the craziness that it would be with a bunch of ladies rummaging through the boxes.

The Thiessens said...

I think that can work :)

Yea, I can't wait to give some of those little treasures away:)
It was CRAZY....but FUN, and I guess I should add, TIRING!

Stacey said...

Hey Momma, make sure you read my blog today, there is something on there for YOU!