Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Almost Forgot!

Ok...so Stacey is doing a little giveaway over on her blog. Now, obviously I don't need this but it sure is a great idea and wish I would have had one when I was nursing. The safety pin on the outside of my sweater was always a dead giveaway! Ok...so I didnt' actually pin it to the outside of my shirt, but how awkward it was!! Anyway, it will make a nice little gift to give someone. Stop by Amy May's to check out some of her other great ideas!!

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lori said...

thanks for stopping by today...I just think it is so COOL (no pun intended:)) to hear from a Canadian!!
I love that...we spent time in Niagra Falls and have good friends in Alberta...
enjoy those Veggie Tales, some of my favorite movies too!!