Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just Day Dreamin'

Did you know daydreaming is good for you?
Now, of course you wanna be choosy about when and where,
but what a way to relax. . .(might help the next time you're in the dentist's chair)

Go ahead try it - think about that place where you feel happy, and peaceful. . .
imagine yourself there, with all the sights, sounds and smells

I'm dreamin' of when...

I can sit out in my garden again...
and enjoy God's marvelous handiwork

of when...
the garden path will actually lead us to
all those yummy things
... just waiting to be appreciated

the colours and smells of spring come alive
and we feel the sun's warmth blanket us, once again!

yes, I'm daydreamin'...

of sharing some long-awaited warmer days
with some very precious little people...
some of whom will be discovering the 'feel' of summer for the first time!

Oh I can't wait
... but I guess I'll have to!
once again, Lord, I'll make it through... once again your grace

Thank you for that hope today!!!


Larissa Joy said...

Don't mean to gloat, but we've been experiencing some near-summer weather out this way! Up to 15 celceus some days! Hopefully it lasts a while...

Gina said...

Ahhh yes, day dreaming! Love your beautiful tulips! In a few short months they should be peaking through.

Lovella said...

Hi Sara,
Thank you for stopping by my blog and especially for leaving a note. Spring is definately on the way. Some of us get it a bit sooner than others but it always does come.
I love the photo of the little guy with the tulips. My daffodils are about 4 inches out of the ground and buds are starting to form.

Anonymous said...

So creative, Sara. Beautiful pictures!

Thanks for the comment on our blog - I need to do a new post soon. In answer to your question ... we aren't SO busy now; just with the day-to-day stuff. However, Harv is going to Germany Feb 29-Mar 11 for OM International leaders meetings. We look forward to March Break for the kids (Mar 10-14). As for me I'm not busy with very much other than managing the home but that keeps me busy enough. Hope you guys are doing great!

Brenda (-:

The Thiessens said...

larissa~ I hope it does for you too!

gina~ would love to be going on that trip with you - that would do wonders to help pass the time :)

lovella~ I'm picturing those daffodils with a smile - thanks for the comment

brenda~ any chance of you going with Harv this time?