Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just the two of us...

My favourite little man came to visit last night
as mommy and daddy took the Youth to a concert
We didn't have time for all the fun things we wanted to do

We started with baking cookies. I couldn't believe how well he
managed with the tools!

He reminded me part way through that
we had forgotten 'our' hair nets!

Soon we could enjoy some milk & cookies

Mmmmm - double chocolate oatmeal

then... we settled in for a short movie (Booples),
and a game of marbles
(which consisted of separating them into colours

and then placing them back in the bag)

then...he requested his favorite little video of
"that little girl"

...before we knew it...

mommy was at the door and it was time to go (drat!)

...all is still well
'til next time buddy!!


Dan & Laura said...

Looks like your grandkids will have great memories with their Nana :) I can't believe how amazing that little girl's voice is!

The Thiessens said...

It is amazing isn't it. Rowan sure is taken by her. For a while, every time he came over he wanted to watch 'that little girl', over and over and over :) said...

Thanks for mentioning Booples in your post. I hope your family is truly blessed by the videos!

God bless!