Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh the Joys of Spring!

So, what is it about springtime that has me wanting to purge..
I mean PURGE, every storage space in my house
On Saturday I had just had enough of not being able to see
the floor in
our bedroom closet, or the top of the night table...
I took everything that was on the floor and dresser,
and let it know it was
no longer welcome in my bedroom
(it found the hallway floor)
that way it had to be dealt with and not just put back.

Now, I know I should have purged much more, and I will - TODAY :)
Maybe I'll take a picture, if I'm not too embarassed.
Problem is, there are so many little places like that in my house,
the pantry, spare bedrooms, cupboards...even the bathroom.

I even got Dustin in on the fun and he brought a bag full out of his room
just between us...that was only the tip of the iceberg!!

Why do we/I think we have to keep everything?
So many of those 'things' were left sitting in a corner or on a shelf
for months, ok, maybe even years...unnoticed!

You'd think it would be easy to get rid of them....not so!
You know the thinking.."but, I might need that" OR "so-'n-so gave that to me"

SO, today will be stage two...
and I will show no mercy!
There is no storage room in my house - so out they go!

Wish me luck...that I won't give in...I NEED to do this! :)



Stacey said...

My problem is the kids toys. I need to sort through what to keep and what should go. Your house looked great yesterday!

Andrea said...

Too bad we don't live closer - Jonathan is the king of getting rid of stuff! I think it's because his parents are SUCH packrats, so he's kinda the opposite! I recently did what you're doing though - and went through (MOST!) of our stuff and we brought about 4 garbage bags of stuff to Salvation Army. Whew...that felt good. I want to finish my purging before the baby gets here though. :) So good luck with yours!!!

Gina said...

Good Luck! I did that before we moved and hauled loads to MCC, but I could still get rid of way more!

Sheila said...

I'm the Queen of purging! I do it twice a year and it feels great!
Once you get into the habit of "cleaning out", you won't look back!
I love living simply, and for me, when there's too much "stuff" in the closets, I feel overwhelmed.

Evi said...

Moving so many times has helped me purge a lot as well...it is helpful to keep a few rules of thumb. Here are mine (if you like...some are passed down from other wise women)
-If you have not gone looking for it in a year...OUT with it!
-An object is not a memory, you will not forget the moment if you throw the object out, trust yourelf.
-If you must, take a picture, for a picture is smaller than most objects, then toss the object.
-Second hand charities NEED your donations to succeed! Shoppers may need your donation too.
-Here in Canada we have...STORES...with new things, if you need them really bad after accidentally tossing.
-Toss a messy kitchen drawer into a box, give yourself a month, if you use something from the box, put it back in the drawer...end of the month...throw the rest left in the box OUT!
Hope some of these are good refreshers or new inspiration!
All the BEST on your purge.

Melanie said...

Ooooh, I LOVE purging! I just wish Walter was more willing. We are exact opposites in that regards. He's a packrat, something he's learned quite well over the years. Everything has a use - either now or in 10 years. I find that once an area is purged, I love to LIVE in it more. It's refreshing, and I hope you find it that way too.

verna said...

Something I have started is taking a picture of things I can't part with and then letting them go. Make a Memory album.


Oh my goodness, Sara, I know just how you feel. I really need to spring clean as well. I hate hoarding stuff but for some reason it just has its way of accumulating. Showing no mercy is the only way to deal with it (& taking the time to actually do the job). I always have this fear that I won't be able to get rid of things if I look at them, so I just want to blindly throw it all into a garbage bag (fast and painless). One time I did that and I threw away important photos by mistake - oops! Anyway, good luck with the project - I think I'm inspired =)

The Thiessens said...

Oh my goodness - you should see our bedroom!
Thank you all for the great suggestions, and, for the encouragement. Not done yet, but today's the day to finish, hopefully!

Gina said...

wondering where you are?! ;)